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at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. >>host: thank i will see it tonight and i will see you tomorrow. colleen lopez is next to get [♪ music ♪] >>host: we are so happy that you are watching it is a fun day at hsn.serena williams is here. for the next few hours we will be sharing gorgeous jewelry for the designer gallery eve dance. we do this every year this is the countdown to christmas. that are only 21 more shopping days until christmas we will help you finish your shopping if youave someone special who loves jewelry on your list i promised you great things today. and the moment you will be learning about our incredible today's special about 16,000 people have ordered these amazing and special earrings. there is no other special stone and the world that can
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command -- they are a half a billion years old they are one of the oldest known to man. they are any other crystal that are the most part of any other stone that makes it special. they come out of theout with 18 facets per stone. our stones are the finest kirk, rocked available. this top rated top quality -- 3 have the finest quality herkimer quartz. last night people were or rent multiples. -- + stay tuned for deb guyot. i ordered mine because i did not have my bracelet yet. the last time it sold out so fast
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it was gone in moments. it back and it is beautiful. it is the tennis bracelet it is 8 customer pick on at the higher price. we have a holiday price and four flex payments. it is a beautiful bracelet.1400 watt and ordered last night we have the remaining quality -- quantity today. i have been wanting this bracelet it looksvnext to your other bracelets or a watch. this is a diamond looked it was inspired a tennis bracelet. the herkimer quartz are nicknamed the herkimer diamonds. we will talk about that. we have so much fun things to share with you. i have been waiting all year to share with this with you we have been working on this for one year. know how much we love
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prestige anti- tarnish boxes. the suede boxes are back they have a gorgeous suede finished with a matching anti- tarnish interior. 33 dog as 90¢ or 2 flex payments of $16.95. -- will blow your mind is a suede box with anti- tarnish, you get this and you also get this expedition point you will get to love them. -- another prestige box. it is buy 1 get 1 free, bogo! we have never done this before but i have been begging my buyers to do3 and i honestly did not think it would happen but it is happening! 2 boxes!
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we have the beautiful suede finish and a burgundy wine color and the camel. you get two of they are different and fabulous and amazing. pick your favorite color this is brand new u.s. the first audience to see is scheduled tonight but i did not think it will be there so you should get yours now item213-857. i am so excited! we have a lot of fun things coming. we would love to hear from you 1-866-376-8255 >>host: also definitely join us in the live chat we have someone there that will be saying hello to you. we love girls and the live chat. nload that application for free bite diallingtar
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star can also join me on facebook page i am colleen lopez on hsn. i hope you are in the mood for shopping because we have special things in store for you. including the biggest and best value ever on the herkimer quartz is our beautiful earring today's special, hit it comes [♪ music ♪] >>host: look at the gorgeous collette she is dripping and herkimer. if you fell asleep last night, we knew this would be popular but almost 16,000 are out the door. majority of our day supply gone in the midnight showing. if you have
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been looking for the most gorgeous uniquely beautiful earring (...)this will be a new beautiful classic earring. if you have been looking for something beyond the basic diamond stud or beyond the hoops something with style and personality and history and meaning and lure.these stones have so stoneslureif herkimer like we you will see this is one of the oldest bones in the world they are a half a billion years old.there are only mind in one place in the world herkimer county new york. they are made in america.y are the only course that is a 7.5 on hard this scale. that is unique beade. it is the equivalent of a d-
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flawless nd because it does not get better than the sparkle and the clarity and the fire of a herkimer diamonds. this is one day and all the offer for less than $50. last night are ordering multiple we understand that because they are beautiful and easy to and it looked beautiful on everybody. all of the lovely host have been wearing this all week and they have gorgeous with everything.i love them. that are light. they are comfortable. they look great. they feel great. s is the earring that you will live in, if you give this as a gift she will love it. the model has a tiny earlobe and you can see it is not pulling on her delicate little year. they make an enormous impact in a subtle and classic
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and elegant way. this is if you are in your 20s your great-grandmother. i do not know many women that would not love this earring.our representatives is taking already that is exciting and unique. use express ordering. you cannot find her, a stones anywhere they have a personality they are stress reliever stones that arethey have so many attributes beyond their duty. they were discovered by the mohawk and the 1500 of the 1600's. the settler is really came across it in the 1700's and then they started the buzz and the name of purple diamonds. they fo they got the name herkimer diamonds.
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it is all things to our beautiful friend en designer deb guyot who herself felt in love with herkimer and had to share them with us.are so glad that you did. >>guest: good morning sunshine in ! i tend to get over rambunctious because i am excited to bring you the volume of this special united states mind and made peace. what kind of girl does not like you can get sparkle next to your face and it goes with anything. i am not covered in herkimer right now but i really partial to this earring [laughter] can you] >>host: it makes you globaw, it brings pretty life to your face. they look like diamond earrings. deb guyot she loves the
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look of a rough cut diamond. that is what you have here the shimmer and sparkle next to your face but it is in an over the top way. you will find you do not want to take them off.they are so3 and lightweight you will forget you are wearing them. the necklace item where rain is available in 16 in. 18 and 21 in. in length. those are available and i love those necklaces. --the love this one is 24 in. in length.we are limited quantities. is up 18.5, 24 in. those on selections. the 18.5 in. is the no. 1
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seller it at item #169- 782. this bracelet is available i have been waiting for my matching bracelet. i am so excitedt mine. $119.90 with four flex payments is a customer pick on www.hsn.comuse express ordering and get your herkimer while we have it. there is no other stone that we can talk about that has so much history and lore attached to it. in the world of gemstones that are metaphysical properties that people truly believe in. whether you believe or not it is fascinating to learn about the power of the stones. herkimer people they call it the dreams stone they make these little pillows and they put a herkimer
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and the pillow and at night they put it under their own pillow. asia this is huge. it says it enhances your dreams and also helps you to remember your dreams. that are known as the dream stone. >>guest: we did not get an opportunity to talk about that.hat are still many stories attached to this.greenstones, energy stones.that are many if physical qualities that people these four. >>host: cecelia stock from serious skin care she is so into stones and herkimer people. love the part of gemstones and the attributes of gemstones know about the herkimer. they are in a all of their own. over 16,000 people had ordered. are
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so busy. i hope you get them while we have them available. when you get them home and try the amana you will wish you had more than one pair. deb has a 20 year-old daughter, this the earring that she will steal from you. my son's girlfriend is at the hsn check and she loves this as much as i do. i have a picture with her and her friend who is getting married, she wanted it for her wedding party. these girls are in their 20s and they loved it as much as we do. >>guest: and they wear them well. i wear them6 c13 so does my mother. c13 that is something that i really liked about this earring it has a curvature that frames your face. this is ageless. this does not the you. it does that look like your grandmother's earring so to say >>host: exactly. it
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is like waving a diamond stud with more glamour >>guest: it is also more hepa >>host: definitely -- more hip >>host: if you do not know what to get hurt this will be a home run this will be an absolute home run. these are called stilettos you have a for extra insurance but i do not use as if it me beautifully. we offer these one other time they out and about 30 seconds. they became a customer pick on stars out of the 24 reviews. everyone in love thesec13 and raved about the beauty and the comfort in the elegant and the versatility of them. if there was ever a
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peace a day to to the 4 yourself for yourself or someone you love i had ordered several pairs of these because i know that my sisters want them and my niece's want them >>guest: it is so nice to take people off the list. i am always looking for a gift that has the story behind it that is the cool thing about this particular stone. >>host: exactly. deb guyot works with the people that own the herkimer diamond mine she works with the people that work with the mine.6 c13 will hear the history. when the talk about how ancient bees are they art a half a billion years old. this is the rock is a dull white stone and then the crystals grow in the
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cavities in tiny little pockets and they literally come out faceted. this has not been faceted it is the way it comes out of the cavity. it is not like any other mine. not use explosives. they picks and shovels to mind the stones. the stones themselves will come right out of the cavities >>guest: that is why i find these so mesmerizing they come right out of the pocket with 18, always 18 natural facets. when you find a perfect in the tax code it will have the 18 natural facets. >>host: i love the fact that the herkimer diamond mine is owned by a woman she is amazing. she is passionate6 c13 these beautiful stone and what she does.t the 2 stone we had a chance to catch up with rocker >> herkimer
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crystal is 500 million years old with the indirect route and in upstate new york formed it literally pushed silica salt and water and into the valley.crystallized into this little pocket.this is called a vug,andy commercially extract we tried to get something something larger than myself and the big pocket it lined with drusy. >>host: there you had it. there the science behind that it is fascinating and it is interestingtalk about these rocks that literally date back 500 million years. that is the outside and inside you have
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little pockets little cavities with the herkimer form in order for us to create the today's special you go through and sort only the best rough. this is best of the best. it top grade quality is not get better for a hardcover. if you are looking an earring with sparkle and pizazz and personality -- it does not get better than the herkimer.getting these. these a so much fun. they are a starter they will say those earrings are beautiful what are you wearing? when you give these as a gift they will not it you can only find herkimer today's special boutique. in japan they love her car. -- herkimer,
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nobody sells it for less than $50.this is a special one day only offer. read the in pennsylvania who is shopping today. -- ritahere that you had ordered for pairs >>caller: one pair for me and three pairs as christmas gifts. it will be hard to decide who to give them to because i have eight granddaughters and france >>host: good luck with that >>caller: yes i saw them and they look so beautiful i am sure that they will enjoy them >>host: they will love them and you can share the story >>caller: yes i will tell them that i saw how ited >>host: they are a natural treasure. most jewelry is made in other parts of the world.we can
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support an american in mind an american company these are mined in new york and then the jewelry is made in i can only talk about that with turquoise that is made by native american indians. that is the only comparable jewelry i can think of to share >>caller: i am right near new york i am not far from where they have been mined >>host: yes it is up in your neck of the west thank you for calling >>guest: at a great christmas >>host: when you think about this is so unique. there is nothing else like this in the $50 there is hard to find jewelry at that price. you get these uniquely rare (...)these are so that and more rare than any of the
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stone we sell.cannot call them all herkimer if they do not come from the herkimer mine in new york >>guest: these 100 percent natural. we cannot order 5000 because we do not know what it will find. we mine i have a great relationship they put aside specific quantity for me. we cannot guarantee that we will find what we need. this was really difficult >>host: it will never happen again i was amazed at the price $49.90. i am still beside myself with the price. use a express ordering if youc13 and get one bad so you can see why we are all so mesmerized and in love if you have stressed the should pamir
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>>guest: - the holidays --calm you >>host: will also enhance the properties of the of the stones. wear your herkimer with other stones they are stress relieving dream stones. they literally sell baby pillows with the herkimer inside. we want to find out who else is getting herkimer we have another debbee from ind illinois >>caller: hi >>host: week idling fantastic, who are the lucky people >>caller: who will be wearing thesemoi of course >>host: but of+ course >>caller: and for a friend. i3 the teardrop pendant last night. i have never had herkimer forc13
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new experience for me >>host: do you love >>caller: i do deb is one of my best designers when i saw this i almost fell out of my chair >>guest: thank you >>host: that is why her designs and herkimer is a match made in heaven.he creates this ancient stone and creates exciting and modern looks you love these >>caller: i'd love any stone that has the story behind it. i love the history and mythology >>host: we like our stones in jewelry to have meaning. it is more special to have meaning behind it. you have a lot of fun stories to share with this one. thank you much for calling we will get both pairs on the before you >>guest: have a
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wonderful holiday >>caller: thank you debfor making one of the jewelry >>guest: thank you for enjoying it dedb and take care >>host: most of you are getting more than one pair. we are so busy use express ordering or go to or pick up the and call the toll-free number. get at least one pair. with five more jewelry and save you will half off shipping additional pairs. they come in the beautiful gift box the naked great presentation. we still have yours right now but that is subject to change as we move through the day. yester day what we showed the earring boxes 3000 or ordered and we have 100 remaining. only have lilac. is the greatest earring box it will store 70
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pairs of earrings we each have a few of them bursting at the seams. flex pay is available item120- 665. $39.90. >>host: uh oh!the 24 in. necklace is completely sold out. wehad 100 remaining in the 16 in.. what it is need about this -- neatteam and had the 2 in. extender that means it can be worn as long as 18 in..the 18.5 also has that so it will go to 20.5 in.. look how gorgeous they are. >>guest: we never know what he would do the jewelry we wanted to play and later we have given extra length for a dusting. sometimes you wanted closer to your collar balm --we gave extra
12:26 pm
length for adjusting sometimes you wanted closer to your callarbo ne. we have taken $60 off of this. >>host: last time it was $279 and it all sold out. this is special today and it is $60 off. >>guest: we have to talk about the fact that we likely retiring this piece. we are forward and this has been so popular.6 c13 this will probably be the last time that you see this. >>host: girls, if you have everne today is the day. i they are fabulous. we do not have a lot of the matching bracelets on a >>host: it looks like you are wearing four of them, not more is better we
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are talking about the finest quality herkimer rough when it comes to fire in brilliance this is as good as it gets. this is why it looks perfect skin . they each carry it and use the finest materiel you do not see any carbon flex. i miss out last five and i was sad, you saw me wearing my necklace all the time and the bracelets were literally gone in 60 seconds >>guest: i cannot even remember presenting them >>host: we did not. the people just bought them >>guest: they are easy to wear that is what i like this >>host: bracelet will fit any wrist size so if you have a small or large rest it will work we have given6 c13 ou have a baby herkimer at the dangle for sparkle.
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one of my facebook friend said she has not her's off she literally wears it every day. they are easy to clean just use a little bit of sparkle sparkle or a little bit of 53 dish and rinse them, then i hit them with the blow dryer and then they will really sparkled >>guest: they will pop >>host: when you wash your hands and put your hand under the dryer you will be amazed. we have a few of them left you are welcome to get yours while they are here. before we continue with deb guyot will show you what is happening in the hsn spotlight [♪ music ♪] >>host: you can consider yourself
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fully in the know when shoot checked in with the hsn spotlight. anybody can use something new and wonderful for their home. key word for the home to find our gift store you will find candles throws, upper sims, products for organization. who does not like a good deal? to find the perfect gift now [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: we are so happy you are here
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today i am colleen lopez with tea fabulous deb guyot. we are showing her fabulous herkimer stones. who does not like toet real jewelry? and a world that it tend to be of fashion jewelry it is so exciting to see real and beautiful stone that we are featuring.if you are ordering the herkimer earrings we are closing in 18,000 to not miss those hearings. get one thing today you want to use flex pay to get those earrings tom.they will not disappoint. you that. -- get the earrings home. this one is a lariat design it has aquamarine cool mother of pearl nuggets and also genuine pearlquartz bob sprinkled
12:32 pm
throughout nodded and jewelers leather -- knotted on jewelers leather. >>guest: this because wanted to wear it.i love the blue with brown and that is a fresh look even in the winter you could wear this with the cream turtleneck. this could be worn like a scarf. some of you like to put around your neck and feed it throw you can locket behind a gemstone so it will not tokyo.-- not choke you.i like this piece it can do so many things. or you could wrap this around the
12:33 pm
front and wear it like a choker dept. >>host: we can show this on the model she is wearing levitt style. a lane from new york is shopping elaine we hear you live in herkimer county >>caller: am originally from herkimer county >>guest: so cool, this is a little bit of home for you >>caller: yes. exactly. are a very good value. i already have tennis bracelet and a necklace that i bought last year >>guest: you are completing your set, a good for you >>host: you are lucky to get the bracelet it went so fast a lot of us miss that. are you thrilled to get your >>caller: :yes i am >>guest: good for you that now you what will have the whole ensemble you
12:34 pm
will be sparkling >>caller: i also got something last night >>guest: that is exciting let us know how you like it on face book >>caller: will doc13 >>host: it is nice to have something from way you come from.these are coveted stones that disney that you could wear something like this >>caller: is so excited to see that you were back on led that >>guest:we have eight herkimer story but this is like your personal story >>host: it is a piece of and enjoy the earrings that are on the way >>guest: thank you for calling >>host: these earrings are flying out the door do not miss out on the earrings they even work with the necklace. >>guest: when i wear herkimer i have different gemstones, sometimes i am had to tell herkimer but
12:35 pm
i also where others. i had them on with my clear quartz necklace that is a big necklace but this is a nice complement to that. >>host: that are only 100 of necklace's less so do not hesitate.4 flex payments. genuine aquamarine, smoky quartz, pearls, and mother of pearl. it is fabulous anda fine lyric style -- lariatstyle $49.90, that are only a few available that are brand new item #212- 729 if you would like the earrings it will look it with the necklace. 6 c13
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>>guest: this was making the gas offset >>host: -- >>guest: this was making me gasp! >>host: normally do one of them at $32.90, today is2 of them! i have been begging to the suede back. for first time ever in the history of prestige boxes we have a buy 1 get 1.these unknot small these are big and they are on 2 flex payments. we have been working on this for a year. i have been begging the buyers to do something special for the holidays. >>host: we have burgundy, although blue. it will keep everything tarnish free you
12:37 pm
can keep your herkimer's in there for up to 50 years. i would run to the phones >>guest: favorite part is i do not have to worry polishing any thing in these boxes >>host: exactly. we have a very cool ring from deb guyot this is for the girl that likes big bold and beautiful. that is a big apple chunks >>guest: is what we 8 statement ring we have card cool labradorite with cool matrix >>guest: there is a lot of fire in every ring has been faceted >>host: you have facet that the 4 extra shimmer. this is a big piece. it is the stone to be reckoned with. we have a holiday price of $39.90. i love a labradorite is one of my favorite stones.
12:38 pm
>>guest: i 2 because it has personality. that is a big ring but we have carved you little finger niches so it will be comfortable. a lot of times with a bid ring your fingers will pop out the sides this will allow you to keep your fingers together. >>host: i that would go up the size >>guest: i was hoping you would say that, i would definitely suggest bumping up a size >>host: bump this eyes because this is a big and chunky piece. --bumped up the size >>host: have a caller who has been to the herkimer mine >>caller: sky have. it is the second generation and visit for us. i would go with my sons to their field6 c13 would go with our buses and they would
12:39 pm
give us picks and hammers, but we love it! now my granddaughter does it. we have a big rock at home with a pocket inside and some drusy and i thought it would be wonderful for her to see what comes of that and how we c13 make beautiful jewelry from the rocks that she pulled out from the earth. >>guest: >>host: >>host: how fabulous! >>caller: i purchased necklace last year and now i have completed the set and i am giving her the earrings to show her exactly what came out of that are >>host: what a beautiful gift that she will cherish forever elizabeth. thank for sharing. that is a
12:40 pm
need family tradition in you know that theylove the earrings. we appreciate the call thank you >>guest: thank for calling and have a wonderful holiday >>host: that is close to white 18,000 people (...) many realize when a special gift this is. that is the beauty of real stones. this is my favorite hobby i never get tired of learning of gemstones and unique beauty of this incredible or earth and the treasures that come from earth. labradorite is one of it is a very3 stoned it has lavender essence soap it closed this almost looks like it is related like water going down and had >>guest: 11 arrests since it is a nice blue vipre -- essencelabradorite essence
12:41 pm
eyes has more of a blue fire >>host: as you move your finger in the light it will find and catch the $39.90 this is a last call on this holiday price this is all handgun and nice big and bold beautiful ring hold the --that is all hand it downdone we have aquamarine wheat barely see that it is so difficult to get in a stone that is this we have >>guest: been working on that for a long time we also have this in black onyx but the aquamarine will go first. if bought a scorpio this is your stonewater. i did
12:42 pm
>>host: # and up was the best value of the day 18,000 have been spoken for the vast majority is ordered for the day i would grab my now so you did not miss out on them. it is a little piece of history is a little slice+ heaven is definitely a maverick, americana refill pieces that that you can buy that are mied made in america. i finally got our bracelet because we missed last time it we offered it. today the jewelry boxes are going fast, it is to love them you can ask about those. stay with us more deb guyot
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>>host: have so many girlfriends in the live chat is an afternoon we have someone that loves the earthy modern designs. perfection. on face book would like to say hello to you girls as well. they love this out and they cannot control themselves as usual but joined the club that >>guest: our facebook friend kimberly >>host: we love all of you guys we really do this 10 >>guest: is made it so much fun to interrupguys, i apologize i mean you ladies. that is the midwestern thing. some people do not understand are all feminine. when i say you guys
12:45 pm
i mean you ladies. >>host: deb loves to give you length. to layer. this is a lace a book that has done for us. wevhave drops of rose quartz and labradorite and then you have some pink pearls with labradorite >>guest: is for the pink ladies we cannot get enough rose quartz that >>host: is the whole mantra, messy perfection >>guest:when you move your jewelry will move with and will not necessarily look perfect. we will give you a break and make it look like the way it is supposed to look all jumble bud up these are. all hand cut and the original pieces we
12:46 pm
replicated the hand cut lookfeel like a one-of- a-kind piece because the way the stones have been done >>host: are only about 100 lookup pretty this will look near your skin s something about that blush of the rose quartz mix with the letter read and then the beads is all beautiful $159.90 and four flex payments. this has an extender b warrant shorter or longer this will >>guest: look great with thin and/or sweater >>host: cashmere be so pretty if you are tented these colors are nice for us and make usglow this is >>host: a big chunky quartz necklace that makes a statement on its own. 3 flex
12:47 pm
payments and there is a matching bracelet at only $49.90 it is that same chunky look. we also have this in smoky quartz >>guest: this is a great piece i am wearing this with herkimer because that is clear mixed with a rough cut clear quartz done intentionally >>host: that is a cool look. you have a clear quartz, smoky and rose quartz are available. available, prestige jewelry boxes. this is the first time we have done it and have almost 1000 on. i do not like you to miss it. you can recede to of the navy two of the windc13 -- 2 of the wine navy, or
12:48 pm
camel. i love the suede we have not done that in a while. they blew my mind when they told me we were all go at $33.90. i think that is one of the best deals for this get both of them $33.90 and on flex pay. run to your phones will take your orders quickly. item #213-857.we have is beautiful aquamarine ring 2 kemp these earrings would be a stunning companion.t dangle looks -- at dangle earrings at $89.90 >>guest: i am surprised by this price. has hand down be replicated the look. this piece
12:49 pm
a lot of movement and color it has a nice character add- on. when i was at the hotel a girl asked me where can i get those earrings? i told her to tune in >>host: i have a whole wardrobe apple deb guyot earrings i >>guest: and an earring girl >>host: this would be cool to get6 c13 it would be an amazing gift. we have 200 pairs left and that is it this will be a another one that is not coming back we rarely read order anything from the designer gallery because we like to bring the things that are brand new. it is fun to show you do things.i would hope not have flinched if that price $189. $89 that is shockingly affordable >>guest: i keep us scale on my desk and every time i
12:50 pm
and earring i wait it. this one does not even register. it the leverback so it will stay with it it is.100% insurance. we had >>host: lot and of hi-def >>host: sheesh >>guest: showed up at a trunk show in the area and i was able to meet >>caller: have been great but now i am now laura adams because i was married >>guest: regulations >>caller: i ordered the herkimer quartz earrings and they are so you cannot understand how beautiful are designs are. television does not do them justice >>host: it does >>caller:
12:51 pm
cannot understand how beautiful it is, multiplied that 1000 in person. she is a beautiful person and a joy to be around >>guest: i will send your check later >>caller: funnny! she shows up to my birthday party for years ago with a gorgeous necklace. >>guest: was aquamarine, so you need these earrings 4 >>host: anyone that has not tried deb guyot jewelry they should take the plunge today >>caller: yesyou have the >>guest: lot of metaphysical connections to relate to the stuff >>caller: absolutely. i am into natural tactics to wear this to the rate it coincides and what i believed in and living things that are natural and that sort of thing rather than contrived.
12:52 pm
everything sepals that is so beautiful! >>host: we are glad that she called it is such a small world you have >>guest: made my- day laura and congratulations on your wedding >>host: that is exciting. if you are on the line for the earrings with everybody order rate it appears it will be a sell out.back it is a milky aquamarine that gorgeous and by the way over 18,000 people ordered the today's special. we are so excited that you are getting them today. nothing short of spectacularv$49.90. people are getting one to give an 1 to keep. you will not want to part with them. there are so comfortable and lightweight i promise you that will not pull your ears. it will light up your face and they are closing in on
12:53 pm
2000 bracelets. yikes! if theu.s. not order the herkimer is your chance to do can see how stunning. i was showing how the stone comes out of the cavity at want to show you how this is the best you can see the difference in the color. this one is more yellow least >>guest: shown that you are holding is very good quality >>host: we would never use this in our today's it has inclusions in the color. we held out to only bring you the clean air and clean and the finest quality of rough. i hope that you will fire and brilliance when you order because that is what you
12:54 pm
will be receiving.earrings or any matching pieces including the bracelet you love them. >>guest: had a lady that screamed when she opened the box when she ordered the today's special in march. i love those reactions. >>host: we have the milky aquamarine it is very difficult to get this done on these days >>guest: had to work for a year on this ringwe could. not get the aqua we wanted we rejected until we could get the right stuff. this is >>host: one of the biggest we have ever sold of aquamarine. $119.90 we also have an onyx ring i had >>guest: done and i expect this in silver this is the one and only >>host: it shocks me that these are the same price
12:55 pm
of what is so expensive i do not know how you did that. all that sterling silver are. item #212-739. it is. i would purchase close to size but this is an open back so you can make the adjustment. sometime >>host: i am beginning between -- and sizes this figure is a 7.5 iolite bet this can fit you perfectly. i am normally 7.5 but i like the shank it can be looks like you are wearing a one of the kind because it has that organic and perfect look >>host: we have
12:56 pm
margaret from california that ordered the today's special and a set of jewelry boxes. woo hoo!you are well done >>caller: i am excited about earrings. i love ross jones -- raw stones dust rest relief we always need that i are >>caller: ready had nine of you to the greenboxes this makes 10 and 11. it keeps to the rate tarnish free --i already had nine of the prestige jewelry boxes this breaks 10 and 11. i am interested in herkimer studs >>guest: stay tuned!
12:57 pm
>>host: love that idea that a. is a great we will put that on the list >>guest: i love suggestions13 you went to throw me an idea both of us are open to it >>host: definitely so thank you much for calling she 2 prestige boxes coming her way for less than $34. that is the first time we have done that.over 18,000 of the today's special earrings haven't spoken for. last call on but aqua ring. silver the black >>guest: is such a clean look with the silver. sometimes you only find onyx in the perfect round cut this is do it in an imperfect way. we have a >>host: another
12:58 pm
laurate from ohio >>guest: good >>host: your state is representing today >>guest: i love that >>host: i think we lost glory >>guest: oh no! >>host: from powell oh yes >>guest: powell oh and the middle of the state next to columbus is where my studio is. we are >>host: signing but we have another presentation at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. do not miss that. also available these are great drop earrings that 50% off today in your choice of smoky quartz amethyst, or clear quartz. we have less than 300 are available. now is the best time to call for those. that
12:59 pm
rice is greatc13 net 5¢. that -- priced at $29.95.we also have this beautiful turquoise at the the ring low was price ever item #179-517. i will give you a peek at that massive deb guyoring that a mass of look item #179- 517. 3 today's special is still available. 18,000 and counting. if you are just seeing this for the first time that are truly spectacular. the stones you are looking at are a half billion years old the old stones today. that are breathtaking and beautiful. we have matching bracelets and necklaces still available. the
1:00 pm
bracelet is item 169-957. you are welcome to that. i am delighted to welcome back himalayan. we have a full hour that you will flip out for >>host: this our showstopper you get a set of four pan made bracelets from nepal. --hand made bracelet from nepal. you get the silver and you get 2 of the color 2 were but we have a beautiful peacock alley turquoise color. this i believe we call
1:01 pm
waffles. but we have ruby red you get four of these beautiful bracelets the women of nepal make these. have matching necklaces which are amazing those are 20 in. long we have sold 100,000 loss of these potay necklace is. these are 20 now please call out these colors, we want to make sureled up the right colors. you
1:02 pm
have the blue topaz. this is royal blue, lapis, this is a beautiful plum. silver, it looks like a here is the emerald green. gorgeous. we have coffee.we have upgraded the clasp, we have upgraded into a cylinder if you want this gorgeous potay they make fabulous gift, these always sell out. this is a
1:03 pm
total complete knock out, three flex payments on your choice of lapis. afghanistan lapis it is your $99.90, it is a customer pick. it is just for this event. it is so pretty. and all hand crafted a handmade. all this is made in jaipur. if you own any of ours we would love to speak with you. we would love to get your chat we want to hear your stories you own
1:04 pm
himalayan gemstones are you want to share your experience join us in the live chat. from you >>host: andrew stone is the president of himalayan gems. he studied art history at sotheby's and he went on a life adventure to nepal and fell in love with the people of nepal. and the important beautiful jewelry from nepal. it is not the easiest thing in the world. everybody introduced3 himalayan gemstones loves that.
1:05 pm
>>guest: it is so much fun to be back at hsn and to talk about these wonderful things that come in lopez has chosen to show you. >>host: jump in and talk as we go. you can wear this as a stand- alone pripet6 c13 have of the pieces are pendant all genuine gemstones.labradorite, moonstone, and smoky quartz. $39.90 for your 24 in..these
1:06 pm
are so special these are all faceted gem stones. >>guest: we call these rondelles stone that are taken. pencil with some wax. and it gives small facets and they are really experts at what they do they can the beauty out.19 in., minimum of 75 carrots. 110 carats in the 24 in.. it will be comfortable to wear, you can wear these for years to come. we bring
1:07 pm
these to india were the stones are cut. together, and these prices are amazing. >>guest: you have the sparkle >>host: the sparkle and elegance of your jewelry. when i first discovered your jewelry i am so fascinated by the stories, and this is a bargain. i have seen these wholesale for more money. >>caller: >>guest: i when you're a buyer was there and saw the price. she is an expert and it is doing this for decades. and the value is there. faceted beads you can see the beautiful model wearing these it
1:08 pm
will pick up the facets it will make you sparkle. >>host: i love that you have labradorite, moonstone, any of your it elevates a pendant. if these have sterling silver claspsstrand of faceted labradorite, strand of moonstone. these will both13 first, labradorite moonstone, smoky amethyst, garnet citrine. you have faceted gem stones like this. the all-time favorite. it is a customer pick, it $49.90, we are going to retire
1:09 pm
these colors. is one of the hottest trends. this scarf potay duquesne not even believe this, here are your three colors that are left. pink is most ltd., 60 left right here.we have silver and we have gold. these are all completely can made. >>guest: you want a piece of fuand jewelry which will make you feel more beautiful for this price, when you look at the designer pieces we are talking hundreds of dollars.
1:10 pm
>>host: this is a phenomenal purchase and these are made by the greatest beaders in the world. also available,people have ordered this you get in set of two of these.we have your blue color, wine color or camel color. two flex payments of $16.95. we love this we did finish. --we love thesueded finish now we will talkone of the real classics and the himalayan gemstone's green at. this is just purple. and we will show you the pendant. c13
1:11 pm
friends, this is the year of the is a quintessential good luck piece. >>guest: and the jewelry industry, to the time of the buddha.his last name (...) of jewelers, that make these ppieces, the claim may heritage to an authentic historical figure that lived in nepal 2500 years ago. they all swear by this. each of these pieces are made by hand. these
1:12 pm
you would there are different expressions. set with large beautiful pieces. 3 >>host: they start with ross silver. raw silver. >>guest: we went back four or five generations, this is really a historical artifact. >>host: it is your choice the ring or the matching pendant. $74.90 is the largest bargain.
1:13 pm
and the world of jewelry there are few times i could ever talk about jewelry and say something is completely candid made. this is completely handmade. it is totally at hand tooled. with all jewelry somhand's touch at some time. these are master silversmiths >>guest: but there is no mass production >>guest: and the story of the dragons, they are bring years of protection and fertility. >>host: i want you
1:14 pm
to see this necklace. at a number 179-787. now i want you to see this potay it is ombre potay you have over 50 strands. >>guest: we are looking at about 15,000 beads. >>host: of the finest glass beads in the world. and they sent these to nepal these are brand new i am wearing these in a ruby. this is your blue color prepared if you love the blue colors this is the
1:15 pm
green. and the grain it is absolutely stunning it looks like jewelry.and the way they later thislayer thisfrom later to darker. this is your purple plum color. -- to darker. >>guest: this is a piece this is not that the debt jewelry you see in the stores. --the
1:16 pm
beads it jewelry uc and the stores. -- you can in the stores. they all need to be the same >>host: are fabulous under 100 in each of these and they will be gone. and the women of nepal, thank you to the hsns you are supporting women who are (...) and these are the finest beaders in the world.and the charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars. is really special.
1:17 pm
>>guest: the transformation that has occurred in their lives, has beencountry with limited resources, --girls do not get an education. you can see the women are doing they are in their 30's or '40's protect these women are elite beaters. bring the work back to katmandu. . and they
1:18 pm
wanted me to wish you ec's and greetings. >>host: they blast that jewelry, the blast osprey it is a true sisterhood. >>host: it is not a charity case we love this jewelry. the red this final call, the blue. there is a lot of beaded jewelry out there this is not what you find for $50 per and the bead work looks like
1:19 pm
juleswels it is not just one shade of blue. back at >>guest: therefore shades of each of the colors you have your silver gold beads. you're really going to sparkle. you want to piece of jewelry that price is important you can deny that. when your needs are taking care of, take some pleasure in knowing you are supporting the traditional beaders.
1:20 pm
for the first time in their life they have financial freedom. >>host: for many years you could not get jewelry at of this part of the world. >>host: is the most beautiful rich plumber. it looks like diamonds are sprinkled in bergen these are so soft and comfortable on your neck. it looks like a gorgeous 50 strands. and this is the verification of color prepared each
1:21 pm
of these have an abundance of silver beads these look great with the herkimer hearings. if you are on the telephone, do not hang up. only in the red color. the green, than 100 counting. you get two of the full sized boxeswe have some different things to share with now we
1:22 pm
check in with brett chukerman for your spotlight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: if you're looking for a fabulous new pair of shoes now is that time to go to to check out free shipping from some of your favorite brands steven by steven madden, vince camuto, and so much more. this offer excludes can find a great new pair of right now on hsn [♪ music ♪] [commercial]
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1:24 pm
[♪ music ♪] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: hello my name is colleen lopez and here with interest shown. i always learn so much from him he is the art historian. he is here with himalayan gems. we all love to be surrounded by beautiful things. when your takes it to the next level you feel that much more special. also, 1200 have been ordered turgut if you want to own this beautiful potay i think of all of the beautiful potationys we have done. of these always sells out.we have upgraded the is, it is a mixture of colors. it is
1:25 pm
like looking into a forest. we have upgraded, it is longer. these are now 20 in. long. things that make these extra special.and these make incredible incredible gifts. i donated some of these to my mother's church. you cannot buy these for $12. double or triple these prices. forest green, black has all of these little gray
1:26 pm
colors. look at all of the blue color spurted sapphire blue, cobalt here is the silver production this is blue topaz. you have all of these gorgeous blue colors this is the plum color. color camera look at the golden hues. this is coffee. look at all of these beautiful shades of red.and
1:27 pm
the coordinating bracelet which is a set of four. available for under $25, and these will coordinate back. everybody silver gold, and #two colors. what ever necklace color you choose, if you want to pick up a set this is the time to do it. even one potaycompletely done by hand. already 740 people have ordered of these. if you want yours this is a customer pick. >>guest: this is made by hand. are talking about handmade jewelry.
1:28 pm
you are looking at women magazine traditional craftsnal crafting6 c13 public cotton thread and there is a stitch put in between each one. tennessee is condensed down to 20 in.. beads, and they want you to feel beautiful the way they do every married woman in the paul wears these beads. as colleen lopez was this is a necklace you can certainly go on the internet. >>guest: it is
1:29 pm
best value in the world, these are the finest bead work in the world. shipped from the czech republic to nepal. the base of mount everest.where the women here are literally lives are transformed. these are lovely to wear.i love these alone. these are brand new in terms of these are a customer pick always and the bottom line is, it is a piece of jewelry that keeps on. it is a great story.
1:30 pm
>>caller: >>guest: you can just roll this back in your hand. you can expect to last a lifetime. do not let this price fool you. when you wear this you will feel the quality. you will feel the quality of the workmanship. >>host: nowhere else in the world can you buy these for this price. these are usually double or triple the price. do the people work, they are so talented. you've got the finest specialty stores, boutiques.scholl's, they're
1:31 pm
doing pieces that stil sell for thousands of dollars. >>guest: with the system we have set up we work with the canadian women who lives in nepal. they are given respect as craftsmawomen and the money goes directly to them. that is the transformation >>host: we have done many of these po tays. expresso, gold
1:32 pm
plum royal blue, topaz silver, and black. >>guest: you can link these together with a toggle. these are beautiful layers. and you can always fit these perdis going to fill in the neckline. already been spoken for. you can talk these away as a gift.--ck these away as a gift. >>guest: people are on the bead markets, but these
1:33 pm
aree beads that you see. in the kiosks. end stores all over the world and that is where you'll see this quality. we want to get the word out red. >>host: special thanks to the chatters on live chat. lesley susan mary alisha, thank you for being there. and we also have bro in
1:34 pm
pennsylvania car you getting a new potay? >>caller:are you kidding me! it is my seventh! these are fantastic and they go with some many things. never gotten so many wonderful complement's about color. you made a dream come true for me today. i purchased the black ombre the reason why,inherited 125 your old black pearl necklace from japan. >>host: lot deal. >>guest: it is it odd length. --lucky
1:35 pm
joh. the is the most amazing value? >>caller: these are. i tell my girls at lunch they need to get these. >>host: thank you for calling i am sure you will adore this. >>caller: andrew does a wonderful job of bringing this to us. >>host: it is a labor of love.they have changed the lives of the people of nepal. the red color. limited on everything. available do
1:36 pm
not hesitate. and we still have a few of these fewer than 120 total left. you have beautiful green, plum you can twist this into a torsade. >>guest: it is the real work of art. each of these 50 strands have the beads (...) it is seven transitions from the center to the neckline. and then you have the crochet finishing pieces. >>host: and then the jewelry boxes, you get a set of #two of these for $33. we
1:37 pm
hope you stay tuned bar right now, we are going to continue to take all of your phone calls on the beautiful potaynecklaces next up is your showstopper [♪ music ♪] >>host: now we get you the full matching set for well under $ this is exciting. you get all four of these. you pick the color. everybody gets a silver and a gold producer you
1:38 pm
get 2 gold and silver and gold. you get 2 of these we call this coffee prepared here is the ruby red color you have the purple plum color, remember, you get 2 of the color, one gold bracelet, one silver bracelet. love these greens with silver and gold. you just slip these onto your wrist. klace. 4
1:39 pm
bracelets and in a spree at you can dial the toll-free phone number. these are made by the finest beaders in the world. >>guest: in this case they have three or 4 ft.. you put these all together and you separate these and you bring these are round some of the treat this spiral. it is really comfortable and has a little bit of give. it is not going to strangle your wrist. bracelets i have
1:40 pm
been amazed at the durability. look at where it is joined. this is the kind of work to comes out of a factory. we're looking at true craftsman shepherdedship. they are filled with joy. they are so excited not only to get this work, but because it is giving them financial independence. and we have are working with a buddhist who has lived there for decades together
1:41 pm
>>host: they take so much pride. this has a homedecadent but they havthey havehoned this craft over centuries, these are grown adult women who are our fault. putting themselves through college. >>guest: you give them an and it changes their lives. of interest colleen lopez is shown in that i feel like i am the middleman.
1:42 pm
>>host: people who appreciate beautiful things i used to crochet a look at how this task to be done. it is a meticulous >>host: this credit necklace is gone. four dozen left only. how beautiful for the holidays, use expressng we're down into the hundreds. we know how joyce in pennsylvania in black for her granddaughter.
1:43 pm
>>caller: hello. >>host: are you doing? >>caller: i ordered the plum color. she has seen my jewelry boxes or i should say your jewelry boxes filled with all of my jewelry. be a nice way to introduce to the it is very unusual and plum is her favorite color. v>>host: david pretty or in person. just one color.
1:44 pm
>>host: these are wonderful to wear >>guest: she will be >>caller: she will be the only girl her block with a potay necklace. >>host: all love the way from nepal. >>guest: she loves beautiful and interesting things. >>caller: she will be really excited >>host: thank-you the >>caller: thank you for presenting all of the gorgeous jewelry. we do not need to go out and fight the people. your granddaughter is lucky to have a grandmother like
1:45 pm
you. >>host: think you to everybody on the telephone line, you get for bracelets for this price spread and you get the matching necklace. than 1000 of these left. pick your favorite color your silver necklace is ready to almost 5000 spoken for. pick your favorite color that is our showstopper per get. this is a ready to wear long wearing browpencil #965- 727. tomorrow night along come paris launches the new fragranced--lancôme
1:46 pm
paris launches the new fragranced. [commercial] [commercial] [commercial] [♪ music ♪] [reading]
1:47 pm
[♪ music ♪] >>host: absolute low . in truth is it's u one of myi absolutelyc13 intrude joins us, one of my favorite guests. >>guest: look forward to this as well. >>host: andrew is in demand he sells his merchandise everywhere. >>guest: what we've tried to do >>host: vlike a bunch of rings. >>guest: we bring you high-quality jewelry at a fair price. we have 2 peridot, 2 amethyst, smoky quartz, citrine. and in stone.
1:48 pm
>>host: now this looks like we have stacked for rings together. --4 together, it% $119, a comfortable ring on the finger. >>guest: and a piece of jewelry like we work in jaipur. their and they are traditional jewelers who do this work. and the quality will find finding that piece of jewelry that you love that you respond to, wholly or looking at this ring, think about if you go into what that big department stores
1:49 pm
one of the big department stores, rings are selling for much more we provide a fair price to hsn. jewelry that will last a lifetime. it has the quality you have come to expect to get >>host: we have all of your sizes but that is subject to change look at this everything smoky, rainbow, blue topaz,c13 look at the beautiful all bezelset. also available happen to on these earings these are awesome. these are so pretty. it big: light by your face,
1:50 pm
$209.90. >>guest: surrounded by the infiniti symbol and the lotus flowers. >>host: this is a great ring and matching earrings item #098-229 i think this is spectacular. you have the lotus flower. >>guest: and you also have the infiniti symbol. you have the symbolism these beautiful large table cut quartz, it is just stunning gemstones. what is the carrot weight? you're looking at about 36 carrots. item #098- 229. also closing
1:51 pm
and an almost 5000 of the palatine necklaces. did sell of red and silver. there is not a lot of colors left we have 6000 when we started itordered, know these are longer, 20 in. long, we have upgraded the is black royal blue sapphires. the black. here is your coffee blue topaz every shade of topaz per didin look at the plum. it has every color of purple. it is all
1:52 pm
here. $ have a set of four. just pick the color. everybody sees a silver and gold. through this is my this ispotaall time favorite this+ one of the a beaded necklace. they did this spring runway shows this fall it is going to be showing spring fashions. for the
1:53 pm
spring fashion week, this is beaded gorgeous looks. blue, turquoise, white royal. >>guest: there are some events, wearing this to work this is a piece of embroidery all of these beads had been placed individuallyeads. extra drama to the necklace. truly pieces you would see on the runway. >>host: only $49.90, the biggest potay these are
1:54 pm
done by hand hand loomed.and this is precision, perfection. these longer. the original was shorter. it is easy to slip over your head. you can see how stunning this if i was asking colette 2-strand in this out, you could. --to straighten this out, you could. and you have the blue color which is turquoise, real, and white. --roy hoal
1:55 pm
when, and white for spring this is what every girl wants for her wardrobe. the holidays why should the glitter only be on the christmas tree. you are aect strangers, it never fails pre strangers walked up and say what a beautiful necklace. >>guest: we should get a quick clip before they stretch out the material on these lands. it showed at the looms and they cut the material. and the workmanship, you will feel like a queen. and they cut
1:56 pm
out the 2 in. on each side, and a hand-stitched this from and to end. >>host: i would get this for $10 off thiseficit necklace. it is such a show stopper this would be a fabulous gift. a truly amazing gift for somebody. >>guest: nobody would suspect you paid under $ barbara in arizona welcome. we heard you ordered some of these bracelets today. fantastic. >>caller: you made in domestic everybody does,
1:57 pm
arkansas. >>host: you sound like a go from arkansas so you picked up three of your potay necklace is? >>guest: 6 c13 ordered red and gold. >>caller: red and fact similar to a blue lapis. >>guest: i would wear the blue with lapis. >>host: she pushed one back a little bit, these do have a
1:58 pm
little bit of play if you want to tug goes right back to the original 20 in. length. thank you so much for your phone and that pink color just soldout. this particular one is not coming back in this color white.way. and now wee she let in arizona. --sheilain >>caller: llo thank you, i dress up for church on sunday and died in a hsn jewelry from head to. toes. this
1:59 pm
is beautiful. would hang and the necklace, i have it nicky butler blue topaz. --a giddy but a blue topaz. andrew, the american ladies are fortunate enough to have some of the opportunities. i think it is wonderful if you are ordering this necklace, last call. answer will be back tonight at 9:00 p.m.. we have some surprises, stay home tonight. we will have more himalayan gems. and the
2:00 pm
necklace last time we chat about over 5000 and counting out this gorgeous coat to a necklace. this is the time to make the phone call. gorgeous-- potay necklace. 1500 people have ordered the matching bracelet had 2000 of those available that is all colors, all choices. we invite everybody to stay tuned, coming up next is at best value of that by deb guyot. maybe you were not up last night >>host: i love these herbert earrings i am so proud of them. -- herkimer they are
2:01 pm
not sold out yet we will give you the details on these beautiful earrings coming up. if you are one thing in jewelry today i will recommend these because they truly sensational.we have the matching bracelets and necklaces so ihey will stay tuned. i love thin necklace! this is the tennis necklace that we rave is gorgeous. it is the $60 item169-782. we only have a couple hundred left. in case you have noticed my ring this one is my favorite you have seen wearing the moonstone everyday it is one of the most beautiful moonstone i have ever seen.this is the first time i had ever shown you labradorite from labrador canada place of origin.
2:02 pm
it is absolutely positively gorgeous. we have a huge breathtaking and larimar. no to will be the same.this is handmade in die pore for us -- in jaipor for us we have never left and right from labrador canada and and we have the gorgeous larimar from the dominican republic. ask for item #099-856.this is a truly sensational ring that love and have been wearing every single day. if you have been with us i would love for you to share your experience. if you love herkimer be with them to chat with you. if on my prestige boxes i would like to hear from him 1-866-376-8255
2:03 pm
christie is in the live chat you can download that application by calling star star 476from your mobile. you can also join me at lopez at hsn. i am biased but i think that best facebook friend in the world. we have% giveaways and all kinds of great things going on there. i love connecting with you there. this is the final hour of the afternoon for jewelry. if you have not heard the news we have a billion year old stone creating frenzy for jewelry lovers across america. the herkimer earrings are still available and that are the best value of the day [♪ music ♪] >>host: here they are, in tissue is seeing as far the
2:04 pm
first time -- you are seeing this for the first timemfy stripe pies on the herkimer. feastr eyes,i like potato chips you will come back for more you cannot just have one because they are irresistible. they look beautiful they make you all of the girls have been wearing this this week and they have been looking beautiful. joy mangano was leaving wearing them. everybody love these earrings. you have a pair waiting for you. many of you are ordering more than one. if ordered one pair earlier you may want to consider its second pair for your mother or your girlfriend. at $49.90 it does not get better than this. this is the biggest value and the world for
2:05 pm
herkimer diamonds that is the the reason they named it that it is the stone that comes out of the ground diamond-shape. they have the hardest of the court they are a half a billion years on -- quartz half a billion years old. nothing can compare to the herkimer. they are minedand america, they are made by americans. you have a national treasure to add to your jewelry wardrobe and box. use express ordering because over 18,000 have been spoken for. you can see it on the model she these kids little earlobes -- cute c13 are not being pulled
2:06 pm
down >>guest: hurt years are really cute >>host: i do not know what that is like nothing on me is tiny >>guest: they do not pull down. back to that. >>host: debjoining as she is the designer behind these earrings she has been introduced to us for aa few years back and she was mesmerized >>guest: i was searching for a rough cut diamonds i really wanted organic and rock cut diamonds. there is no such thing and the size i was looking for in the value that i wanted to invest. when i found this it was called herkimer. it is a natural quartz but i had no idea what it took me on an incredible joy me and i find out what they are. the herkimer is a national treasure. they are born in
2:07 pm
this dolomite rock they come out of the drusy pocket it is like a tiny nest that they were born in and they come directly out of pocket and all we do is rinse them off. that is in it. they come out of pockets with 18 natural god-given facets. 18 of them. >>host: this is how it comes out of the hall.ole. form in these little pockets and then they literally removed and they look like this. here is what is important to know. as i hold this stone for our today's special earrings are perfect. >>guest: we can really see it best against white >>host: this is not high enough or quality to use for the today's special. this one
2:08 pm
would not make the cut. there is a difference between this but it is not the double gray that is the best it does that did better than double grade a.we have the best herkimer rough.the stones have been calibrated. where we get the enormous amount6 c13 sparkle, print book fire, brilliance. not made jar paillette you can spend 2413 95¢ and we will send this to you and you will love them because they are beautiful and they are fun to wear >>guest: they do not come alive until you put them in what years.your ears. design but when i put off
2:09 pm
and they really came to life.this jewelry comes to life on your skin tone. the way they have been curved date follow the natural curve of a woman's face. it works to flatter all of us. it is a shape to your natural shape. >>host: in love with this bracelet 2000 women have already started order if it is already is a gorgeous herkimer tennis bracelet with a 1 in. extender with a herkimer drop on it. it is a customer pick it c13 $20 off. it a customer pick at the highest price.+ so excited i was able to get mine this time because i missed out completely last time. out the matching necklace, we have sold out of
2:10 pm
the 24 in. blank but we have the 16 in. and the 18.5 in. bolts have a 2 in. extender. -- we have sold out of the 24 in., but we still havehe 16 in. and the 18.5 in. necklace available with a 2 in. extender. they will not be coming and does want to point this out to you. if you are looking to give the gift of jewelry for someone and you want to find something that she does not have. she does not have is an hsn exclusive. the stone is unlike any others don't in the world.nothing compares to a herkimer it is a half a billion years old it comes out of the ground faceted with 18 natural facets
2:11 pm
double terminated with terminator points. whip it today's special the stones have been sorted the today's special. it is the equivalent of d-flawless diamond ruff.they have been calibratedne gorgeous sparkle by your ear. if you have been tempted all get yours today if you get more than one in you think it will be a gift much you end up keeping it. best is what will happen with this >>guest: joy mangano had gorgeous bedskirt >>host: i have four sets of those >>guest: i three of them you be any >>host: tis the season >>guest: i kept the hangers but the bags will make a good
2:12 pm
gift, do not tell joy mangano >>host: this a one from me and one for them type of situation.we are approaching 19,000 of the earrings spoken for. i hope we have some left for the prime- time girls.3 women working have not had a chance to see them. >>guest: if you want to see what they look like ahh and your ears once you have them on they may not go to another is that code because they feel really good on your year they have a little movement which i and they have sparkle to spare know we have used that word a lot now. but there is nothing else that sparkles like a herkimer diamonds. there really is not. >>host: there really is not. that is why they have the nickname herkimer diamonds. there were originally discovered by the mohave indians in
2:13 pm
the 1500's and 1600's.the early american settlers in the 1700's when they saw the stones they thought they were diamonds because that is what they look like.they have a hardness and they have fire and they come out of the ground in a diamond shape. that started a buzz. the mohawk indians were known of the people of the crystals because of these incredible stones were only found in the one part of the united states. you could not get them elsewhere. the fascination has continued over the years.that are more metaphysical properties can put with the herkimer than any of the stones. this is6 c13 dream stone. people use them for meditation and energy that will bring you good energy and protection. they are also called the call ming stone if your have been feeling stressed out -- calming the herkimer
2:14 pm
because they are calling the relieve stress they are known as the dream stone that are also known as the spirit stone. they are fascinating. >>guest: it is very alluring wendy's that to investigate the stone you will have a lot of fun. in the burial grounds. arrowheads there is no evidence that the they use them for adornment they use them for tools >>host: boouddha bought an abundance of herkimer and they want to bury them on the spatulas because they are known to bring
2:15 pm
amazingly good energy. transcend countries and ethnicities are around the world. vthese are prayer stones and spirits stones. that is what makes this so special whether you use them for a prayer or meditation (...) i was telling you earlier herkimer is known as the dream stone to enhance your dream so now they a queen pillow with a herkimer inside the pillow people put it underneath their regular pillow at night to enhance their dreams. what ever is that you believe, the truth is there is no denying that this stone has special properties that of the stone has. c13 read about it to see. attributes to herkimer is fascinating. what ever part that you believe, i love learning and reading about it. it is part
2:16 pm
of the mystique of the stone. it beyond beautiful. we get excited sparkle and pretty, but you go beyond the sparkle and used by delving into the rich in amazing history and how these stones are used around the world. they have been used for everything distilling vodka >>guest: and gin. because the way that the liquid runs over the 18 facets, apparently the purity of which it is distilled using the stones is bar none. we are continue to learn >>host: it is fun! >>guest: we already know some but we are learning more of the time. you can totally make this what you believe in it depends on your belief system. some of what we are saying might not fit double the system and that is okay. either way these
2:17 pm
have fabulous historical stories that are fun to share >>host: this is an american treasure. how many stones like this are mined in america? most jewelry is not made in america. it is just not. think aboutbe that we live on. this could be one of the old stones coming out of the ground today. it is a half of billion a year old >>guest: as darkly is >>host: see >>guest: >>guest: and the honor wrynecks this was made with the silica it was serendipity -- this was made in animatronic mountains, that is it. c13 -- adirondack mountains
2:18 pm
>>host: be honest with you as much as i love everything about it this is supporting our american in jewelry makers that is what makes me and proud to offer this. almost 20,000 are gone! that is our vast majority of the day. use flex pay to get them home.put them on your years you will forget that you are wearing them because they are so comfortable -- your ears.of them before $70 they sold out in seconds and then they became a customer pick with perfect five stars. previews and 23 of them were perfect five stars each why and and the women who bought them love them. i immediately
2:19 pm
called my by air and i said i do not know if it is possible to do this volume but this is such a beautiful earring many women missed it the women who have that love it i wanted this to be a today's special. i was hoping fo 4r $59 but it $49. we have paula from west virginia waiting to talk to us >>caller: i was up at midnight and i saw the earrings and i had to have dampened >>host: yay! >>caller: i fell asleep but i wanted to order the necklace you had on last night >>host: uh oh. it is not gone yet >>guest: >>caller: the net this that deb wearing last night >>host: that is coming up last night at 10:00 p.m. eastern time >>guest: you have to
2:20 pm
see that >>caller: can i buy that righthost: it should be on www.hsn.comsorry. >>host: i will have paul the producer looked for it >>guest: you have styled girlfriend because i love that piece >>host: we will show you item #if we can find it otherwise it will be tonight at 10:00 p.m.. hold on we will track that down for you >>guest: we do not have many so we will do that for you >>host: on and we will find that for you >>guest: us know what you think when you did >>host: you can see over 19,500 earrings have been ordered. every single one of dart representatives
2:21 pm
are taking calls. are excited and we love it. pretty but this is beyond. we could talk about this for an hour. it is like being at the discovery channel learning a history lesson >>guest: i am constantly looking for news stories. when you talk about the miners we are talking about they have an axis. you cannot use the explosives it would destroy the babies. it is tedious.the labor force that is required to bring you this rough at this volume is a big deal. we employ a huge labor force in the united states ladies. i am always happy to do something in the united states to give back to my country. >>host: that is the greatest thing.we
2:22 pm
would all love for everything to be made in america but unfortunately that is not the world that we live in today. when you come across something special like this is a copy at today's specialviat what you are earrings used express ordering in join the 20,000 women that rehab there is coming to them. susan from new york, you are live >>caller: hi. you find] elite got me i = have been watching since midnight -- got me i have been watching since midnight. colleen, when you said this frames my face beautifully >>host: it really does >>caller: i also love that they are made in new york because i am a new york girl.i have across made out of herkimer it was big
2:23 pm
and it brought me luck. i hope that things bring me luck as well. >>host: the most amazing story i heard herkimer about across. the day that hat in denver mining that day -- they were mining that day and they found a perfect cross of natural herkimer >>guest: cold chills sort of thinking >>host: if you go to herkimer they have that in a museum. that day was praying very hard and then they found that across the herkimer >>caller: it is a beautiful stone i encourage anybody to get it. i wore3 cross for eight or nine years and i am convinced it brought me luck >>host: i am sure
2:24 pm
>>guest: it is a positive. we choose to believe what we want to believe, some people call this an energy stone. i pretty much where a herkimer diamonds everyday in some capacity and i do have a lot of >>host: energy no doubt, do you think? thank you your calls and if you are on the do not hang up we will continue to take all of your orders these amazing earrings. now this bracelet but i have been waiting for months for. it forever to get back it sold out and literally 30 seconds, we did not even get the presentation. we have $20 offer the special event this has anr so it really is a one size fits everybody.and it looks like ack cut diamond
2:25 pm
tennis bracelet that it's a fabulous thing. spoken for and it is wonderful we still have yours. now to give your information on the gorgeous necklace. 18 in. and 16 in. deep 24 and has sold out. this one 18.5 hinged that most of us have. 18.5 inch.i found my first herkimer necklace at the herkimer in tucson arizona. i was going crazy >>guest: i was there >>host: you were there. i had to have it. i paid more for mine than any of you have paid for the herkimer necklace.i did not care.i wanted it. now the price >>guest: the cut of
2:26 pm
this necklace is amazing. any size that we say you can add 2 in. to because i always add 2 in. extended to the pieces. you never know slinky would want so i give you options >>host: with do 19.5 or 20.58 is3 >>guest: just automatically know you have a 2 in. cushion >>host: the last time this oh! looks at that with the moonstone pendant, i have to do i love that! >>guest: that is so creative.that you ladies can play with these pieces that are very versatile. they did not have a color assigned to them is that if you flexibility. >>host: 560 people had ordered we have
2:27 pm
the final quantities on this necklace.we are retiring this necklace. we will not continue to bring this back every few months. deb guyot is moving onto a new design win this one sells out. if you have been wanting herkimer tennis necklace today is the day. it is the perfect length and size. those of us that on this apps about the love this. we have sharon pauling from missouri welcome >>caller: how are you? >>host: we are great and having fun >>guest: our vertical >>host: we are running onit but that is okay >>caller: i hero >>host: thing that to the rate and coffee can i do 2 perk cassette >>caller: i was like the other ladies i was up watching late last night and i was able to control myself but i lost that control today >>host: you held off longer than i it was able to so i am
2:28 pm
impressed >>guest: before sleep deprivation can go a long way >>caller: you bet >>host: you order that earrings >>caller: yes >>host: you will love them >>caller:6 c13 them when i first seen them. i enjoyed the stories. i hope it gives off all the good energy >>guest: there will be positive energy coming your way >>host: will wish to clarity and calmness when you are wearing a herkimer. deb guyot is back tonight with a full hour of herkimer.have the necklace she is wearing and a lot of surprises. >>host: >>guest: we have a lot of new stuff >>host: 10:00 p.m. deb guyot is back. we look forward to that. thank friend. do not hang up for the gorgeous necklace. this is so
2:29 pm
pretty! i am going to put the sound herkimer on. as one of the biggest moonstones we have ever seen.i love that! hand made in india ofall sterling silver. i found is that the tucson gem show last february that is how long we have been working on that. will come back after this [♪ music ♪] >>host: can consider yourself in the no one to check in with the hsn spotlight. we have you covered for the football fan in your life with the football fan shop on we have everything you name for game day we have apparel in so much more. if
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you got all lot of football fans in your life you will enjoy buy more and save. that is our shipping for more details and check out the football fan shop on [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: i am having the best day! thank you part of the designer event. we have a to share with you. we are going to shear moonstone now. i this at the tucson gem show. said can be
2:32 pm
figured out had to get this to hsn at a great value.i love moonstone this is my favorite ring that i own. the labradorite is lavender canada i have never offered that to you before. the moonstone is3 india out of hand made in jaipur. we have a gorgeous and stunning ring coming up this hour. if you love moonstone there are fewer 100 remaining. it is one of the most beautiful and fascinating stones. this is theest moonstone solitaire that i have ever seen. we doc13 them this big. this is massive and and beautiful is all set in sterling silver and completely made by hand. me show you this next to my ring, i love my new rairing it is
2:33 pm
absolutely gorgeous. i found this at the tucson gem show i was so by big moonstone. i be very excited by this absolutely fabulous you would like yours, but good luck i hope you yours while supplies last. we have beverly calling from new york that got the today's special she has new earrings on the way >>caller: yes.i am in 80 by year old lady and i have never had a herkimer diamonds in my life and i have been up there several times. my coworker lived in herkimer but i was never able to get there. i all the help i can get at this stage6 c13
2:34 pm
>>host: [laughter] i hope that you wear these everyday >>caller: i intend to >>host: you should because they are truly beautiful and i hope that you feel beautiful living them and i am thrilled that you were finally able to get your herkimer. they are on their way >>caller: thank you >>host: indoor your holidays. she was so cute. we have13 from mississippi collegealling us >>caller: and doing very nice now >>host: have you found today? >>caller: i got myself 24 in. herkimer tennis necklace >>host: you are a lucky girl >>caller: and i got the bracelet >>host: you are on a roll >>caller: i got the earrings >>host: you had to get the earrings >>caller: this morning i got
2:35 pm
daughter-in-law who i consider my daughter a pair and then i got my sister a pan >>host: what the sweetheart, you are going to give fabulous gifts >>caller: they will love them >>host: they will. they are special. you know that they do not have them. very few women in your life will herkimer earrings like this that >>caller: is right and i think they are beautiful >>host: m happy that you called thank you 1-866-376-8255 >>caller: happy holidays >>host: you do the sam and down to the final quantity of the moonstone this will not be coming back. we found all that we could at the tucson gem show thank you for your orders to love this is beautiful. it is a gorgeous and huge an amazing moonstone.
2:36 pm
if necklace is the final quantities i could with his longer or shorter with the 2 in. extended it is beautiful and is $60 off and it might not ever come back. may not recorder these tennis necklace this deb guyot said she is moving on to new designs. if you are tempted i would get them now. over 20,000 people have now ordered the best value of the day. that is way more than two-thirds of our quantity for the day so if you have not ordered yet i would get them while they are here and hot. $49.90 and 2 flex payments. item #217-396.have you heard about the boxes? i am so excited. this is the new box they are anti-tarnish and i have been looking for the suede that is my favorite.i have been wanting
2:37 pm
them back. you can see the compartment's this is a big box $33.90 for the suede box with the matching lining and 2 flex payments $16.95. you are getting one box, you are getting 2 boxes. both of them.both boxes. this is coming up while supplies last. stay tuned for that.we will get you the details and a little while. coming up now, not a bigunk of our supply it is spoken for.we will start there. if you would like this it is ring going to sell out. labradorite will be the first one to sell out. that labradorite from lavender canadat is the place where it was originally discovered -- labrador canada. i found this the
2:38 pm
tooth on gem show and i was very excited and i also find the gorgeous larimar at the tucson gem show. that was back in february that is how long it takes to bring things to fruition you see me wearing this all the time it is glamorous and comfortable and chic at the same time we have little evil eyes on the side for a neat detail a little bit of oxidation to bring out the beauty we have simulated diamonds for sparkle like crazy i went back and forth about it but i fire in sparkle so we went with simulated diamonds and i think that looks gorgeous. this moonstone is breathtakingly beautiful we have 350 total left this will not come back it is a onetime offer we have
2:39 pm
labradorite, moonstone, and my favorite is larimar. it has a delegation color note r a like the larimar comes from the dominican republic is one of the most rare stones earth it is a 1 source gemstone. ring is fabulous! you have an evil eye iton either side have taken $20 offer the show. i worked with an amazing company these were handmade in die porejaipur,. and then the larimar all the way from the dominican republic.this will knock your socks off i will show you that
2:40 pm
quickly. moonstone might be gone look at the matching pieces how pretty is thathere you can see is in a huge lapis. i think that is a gorgeous combination if that is not part pretty with herkimer i am not sure what is that is the set that i love. all handmade in precious sterling silver these appear to all be going. if you love the moonstone, get de moonstone. i love moonstone and it is normally impossible to get one this big. they are and pretty but i wanted something to make a big statement.6 c13 thing with the labradorite it is full of fire and it is from labrador it has a gorgeous color
2:41 pm
and personality.the larimar is dusting stunning larimar. whatever what you would like they are now completely have spoken for. if you would like you can 2 flex pay. i wear this constantly. the moonstone is such a neutral it looks gorgeous with everything and i love it. 3 speaks for itself.3 larry lamotte is one of the most dreamy stones if you love the notion --pill larimar is a dreamy stoned a few of the ocean it is like that. no 2 larimar is a like to give you an idea that they will all be different note to is the same.the one on the turntable is different than mine you can see the beautiful dolphin stone it looks like
2:42 pm
moving water.that is gorgeous larimar. i think this is a great at absolutely love. it is final call on labradorite we will find out if that are any remaining.lest the not least it is the moonstone. we have pendants available in each choice. size 8-11 only and labradorite, 20 remain. the larimar will be the next to go final few dozen.the moonstone is so pretty+ beautiful! it will look good on finger if your size sells out this is good fundamentaon your middle or pointer finger. this is what is great about the new necklace is great as a stand alone but it will look sensational when use pant it back to the
2:43 pm
herkimer necklace. a big and beautiful pendant. the son that crazy bid but they are statement6 c13 that look rich and expensive to me.i love how clean and sleek this is it looks beautiful on the herkimer strand. r what you are choosing if you could do the and the ring acting pendant i would recommend that. but get one if you can. it is last call on the labradorite and looks gorgeous with the matching pendants. that has prasiolite and blue topaz it is so pretty. there is the larimar pendant that i think is breathtakingly beautiful.the moonstone is the one that i have6 c13 living most often because it is a neutral. you will be amazed how the moon still looks beautiful with everything like light
2:44 pm
flickering inside. it is last call they are almost completely spoken for so we will wrap this up and we will let you know when it is completely sold out. you will absolutely love the sole thank you for your. starting with the moonstone there are only two we bought them all we cannot do this again they are not available anymore. $199.90. next up is the larimar, take a look at the! it is limited and beautiful you have a huge and gorges bail. i love that! that are 80 remaining independent that i love item #204-703.+
2:45 pm
that is elijahs' larimar we have ever sold at hsn.the labradorite is a knockout! it is last call on the beautiful pendant. that is blue topaz and labradorite from labrador. item204- 700. when we come back we will talk about to the greenboxes. but a lot to talk about the fact that coca- cola is the newest member of one-family at hsn [commercial]
2:46 pm
[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: hi everyone at in callie and i wanted to know what is coming up 50 minutes with guiliana rancic. she is a fashion at the ready. -- 15 mins carat i love all the others i am wearing black. let's get double zipper that adds sass and personality. hard to believe it is $49.90 on behalf of a price. that price
2:47 pm
will go up after the show. item% and now we gorgeous leggings. this is nosomething subtle, tuxedo piping down the side that is very flattering. they are a customer pick on you and welcome to read those reviews ahead of time item under $60 and on 3 flex payments to get them home for under $20. a lot of guiliana rancic things are customer picks that is coming up in 14 minutes >>host: stick around everybody that is going to be a fun show but we need to talk about to the restorer ridge for a moment. if you are -- the storage. the moonstone has sold out completely and we two dozen remaining of and
2:48 pm
labradorite left in the pendant. what better way to store your jewelry in the anti-tarnish jewelry boxes? we have sold hundreds of thousands of these and this is the first time we are about to do this gorgeous blue color is normally $33.90 it has the matching and coordinating lining it has an area for your braceletsn see where you have a glance. here is what it is great $16.95 on flex pay is not just one you to love of these fabulous boxes! -- 2 of them, you can
2:49 pm
fit a ton jewelry in these boxes. here is store every 1400 have been spoken for and this is the first time we have presented this. done it way you get two two of them. this will protect and organize your jewelry and complete the change your life. with all of my jewelry i do not know what i would do without them because it helps me keep organize with the system of these boxes. they are the best. you are getting two of them in navy blue.blwine it is the most limited and and last but not least i love the camel. a lot of you decorate
2:50 pm
with birthstones hard would you want to court and 82. $33.90 you will get not not 2 prestige boxes. make amazing gifts i love to give them as gifts c13 because they are beautiful yet functionable. we have not offered the suede boxes and a number of years. they are fantastic because they coordinate beautifully and they are extremely elegant. they have a practicality factor. they are so darned practical. c13 to have 1000 boxes everywhere or a big jumble of armoire time those can make more of a mess for
2:51 pm
us. these are stackable they have magnets that when you stack them they will be nice the stacked. also keeps the lid airtight. this is exclusive to hsn.3 they have a trademark lining that no one else has. that are a lot of anti- choices but these worked so they are the best in my opinion. never had a piece of jewelry tarnish and my jewelry box. this will let you 50 years. i did not have a big mess i had things were so blackened tarnish i had to get rid of them. that will never happen in these boxes.wipe off your lotions and put this in the at wolf steak tarnish free for decades. use express ordering -- you put
2:52 pm
this in the box you will stay tarnish free for decade. the little boxes are normally this that half the size. i said it would be fun to too big boxes at an amazing value so they went to work for us i especially ask for this suede i love the suede boxes they are not rich and elegant we brought in a lot this gorgeous sapphire blue. these will slide into dry you can keep them out of sight out of mind you do not have to leave them out all the time. i have a shelving system on my closet where i stacked them on shelves and i love it. i organized by the other. if you have a lot of blue jewelry you can put it in the year. silvered jewelry looks great and the blue box. herkimer look great in the blue box. the blue
2:53 pm
is an awesome other because so much to the bill looks good with blue. last call on the burgundy choice. and we have the beautiful camel choice. use express ordering with over 2000 spoken for this is the first time it has been13 nice thing is this will you a jewelry you are protecting your investment. otherwise you cannot find what you have and then you have to buy double of things i would buy a bracelet and i could not find it so i would buy something similar. i had so much that i did not know what i have and i would buy some things that were similar. now you can just open the box and see what you have so you will enjoy your more in you will be more organized. i would put larimar collection in one box. the ring the
2:54 pm
pendant geek about together in the same box. -- i to gett their side by side so i am digging to boxes looking. real smart and organized a box i have to say. last call on the wind and campbell is still -- blue and camelill available, this is nice for the men they can keep their watches inside. this would really beautiful with warm colors in your home. if you have hardwood floors the look rate. great love. the
2:55 pm
mall that are all fantastic.are ordering do not hang up. the labradorite ring is sold out completely. we four dozen remaining and larimar. 50 in moonstone. if you are tempted to grab this i would call now. with the larimar pendant we have five dozen remaining. just a couple remained of the labradorite pendant 3 dozen of the labradorite. i think these are absolutely stunning pendants. look at thatimar!o pretty i am hope that you are able to get it.three dozen remaining of the labradorite, look at all that sterling silver. it is the
2:56 pm
nice and big bail. this is a knockout that i love. also still this is and multigemstone beaded necklace. is that pretty? and as amazonite and mother of pearl bead if you are ordering de boxes do not hang up.stay way you are. we will continue to take your calls on the prestige boxes. before i sign off for the afternoon we wanted to squeeze one more good thing in.we offered this once and they flew out the door.these are genuine gemstones you can twist or taurus side you can mix and match. i will show you. we have a lot of color choices for the endless necklace. each one has hand gun
2:57 pm
and hand added in it are only $29.90. wow wow!have tiger's eye bit our faceted beads with sparkle each one has drilled and and place by hand. we black onyx, purple quartz, red agate or chameleon blue quartz the red was carnelian emerald amethyst, clear quartz. these are all genuine gemstones it is 40 in. it is a nice long mean and luxurious necklace.6 c13 not wear them all at the same time [laughter] but you get the idea of how much fun is and the light they get with this. you can twist it or if you have a grabber or enhancer you can last up around your neck. we
2:58 pm
have not ask and i will receive. the model has a double that is great. maybe we could show them an item number for the little clever.-- grabber 3of them that would be less than $60, we a necklace clasp bit loops throw this a customer pick all in sterling silver prevent this will hold your torsade necklace in place for you. how pretty is that? i love of beaded necklace. if you have been collecting you can add a new culture today. if you love genuine gemstones is nice to get that 40 in. length. this time has flown by this afternoon for
2:59 pm
joy thank you need us. the earrings are also still but are a pretty amethyst earrings at $59.90 and 2 flex payments. item203- 424. 500 of those are available. also are fun and pretty and they are knotted necklaces @ only $29.90. we have onyx clear quart smoky quartz, blue quartz. pick your favorite other that of every awesome $29.90.make the fabulous gift by the way.6 c13 continue to order anything that you see. i have had the best time that i will be back for more at 9:00 p.m. eastern time with the final two hours of designer gallery. we a big hour of himalayan gems at 9:00 p.m. and deb guyot a full hour of herkimer at 10:00 p.m.. callie
3:00 pm
northagen is standing by with a fabulous julian [♪ music ♪] 6 c17 c16 c13
3:01 pm
>>host: 1997 to get it home. item 211- 226. $19.97 to
3:02 pm
get at home.the scared i am wearing is coming up to start my second hour. we want to let no one more time we do have for you another style in not only a legging but we have to styles in jeans. [laughter] to leon and i are dancing on the set.-- giuliana rancic and i are dancing on the set. [laughter] >>guest: nice to see you and i am a big fan. >>host: well thank you.ave been a busy girl today. >>guest: i have! >>host: you from l.a. last c13 >>guest: yes because i wanted spend time with my 3 month old baby. he is at home watching with daddy. the little guy but i
3:03 pm
love being here at hsn and everyone has been sending pictures of what they have fought. balked.a woman -- bought >>guest:a woman bought a blouse and wore it in her christmas picture and send it to me. c13 quality and great function and fabulous. >>guest: love all of those things! [laughter] >>host: yes.this is the lace blouse with the cami emerald green, black is a must have color for the holidays colors are so vibrant on tv but when you see them out of the box cobham q q
3:04 pm
>>guest: it has a nice stretch with that. to we paired with the perfect cami and is a 2 and 1. what is nice also is a wanted to do these really rich colors for holiday. many times you think red and we all have read for the holidays but i want to do an site did this gorgeous blue and the beautiful emerald and then the basic black you cannot go wrong with. >>host: item 209- 398. 500 lucky ladies can own as an order true to as well. >>guest: that is another thing that
3:05 pm
all the ladies have been thanking me for making it true to size. perfect blouse and as you can see obviously it is a piece that goes clear rounds. that is i want to do with all of my pieces that you could go season after and year after and something that isend but not trendy. nothing is worse than something that outdated after one year. who wants to buy something now that you have to dispose of next season? not only are you a expert and authority and on the red carpet and awards shows by your father was a tailor? as a little girl you live this world. >>guest: my dad is turning 757 and he has been working since he was 10 years old in naples italy. --turning 75
3:06 pm
any >>guest: he has been making custom suits for men for 50 years now. the quality was very important to me because my father was a judge and came in and wanted to touch everything and see how everything was stitched and sewn because he wanted to make was making quality products. >>host: you launched in september and i remember the anticipation. i up in new york with diana and we were looking for to this line launching. the price does not reflect in terms of the quality and the fit. you will with one purchase and in your collection has begun. nd wear now and as you said you will wear it every season afterwards. >>guest: absolutely think you will
3:07 pm
wear to a holiday dinner or christmas or a office and this is guerin spring as well with the pair of jeans. -- spring as well with the pair of jeans. >>guest:to make clothing that looks fresh and on trend but is it if the piece is trendy i am going to tell you to go to the mall and buy it for 12 bucks and throw it away after the season because it is not a point of the good quality. and this is a piece you will wear year afterce never goes out of style. >>host: so soft and not scratchy and you would want this against your skin. 3 the adjustability on the cami were getting with the purchase. is it not like one-size- fits-all when it comes to a cami. so
3:08 pm
soft and stretchy. >>guest: and the fit is great also.i made this a little looser and want to give you extra it is the holidays ladies and i know we all love to eat. it is such a great you are going to feel comfortable at a holiday party or anywhere else you may go with it. c13 it goes day to night. you can wear it to work with something conservative or jeans or slacks at night or even a skirt and whatever you need to go out to holiday party and it works perfectly. >>host: what is better than a little bit of l flesh underneath the lace? it makes you feel so pretty. >>guest: i the skin to show but obviously where we do not want is where
3:09 pm
i strategically placed the cami. >>host: we are looking 300 left at this point and this is the last show of the year with giuliana.easy to care and is 28 in. in the length and is for the blouse at 22 in. on the cami.-- and 22 on the cam.inches on the cami. 22 in. on the as to conceal models there is no accident that we place the colors like that on the models. i think blue on blancs is so beautiful and if you are red head or a burnet i say go for the emerald. --
3:10 pm
or red head >>guest: there is nothing like a gorgeous blue on a blond. >>host: that beautiful pleated skirt is coming up. >>guest: yes the little maxi skirt. >>host: untaught or belted it is not bulky. -- well done giuliana. if you are a fan of lace look at this beautiful v- neck lace dress at $10 off for the holidays. 209- 672 and in black, emerald or sapphire blue. take a look with me because this is (...) if you just stopping by we have the best collection of clothing from g3 by giuliana rancic. a special
3:11 pm
unlimited as everything is in the collection and we will get to the info. everyone is asking about your blazer. >>guest: blazer, i know we do not have many laughed6 c13 to wear it.i love this blazer so much that i wear it all the time. i had been wearing the heck out of it this holiday season. i wore one of my tank m untucked but sometimes i dressed up with a mini. there's many ways to wear this blazer and it is a fun blazer and especially for the holidays. if you are not feeling address for certain occasion pull-on the taxi the leggings or great black slacks with the sun and a
3:12 pm
top and it looks fantastic. -i am all professional >>host: i am all professional looking and you are all sed up. everybody >>guest: loves your:yes yes. >>host: look at the emerald green, one of my favorite colors ever and this is like a tomato red that we are scarlet red and then we have black. almost like an orangey read. >>guest: colored
3:13 pm
denim was top- and a sheer. it is not going anywhere and i love it because it's such a nice alternative to the blue or black te i think women get scared wearing anything but a solid color but you have to embrace your curves and do not try to cover them with too much fabric where something fitted because kurds are sexy any need to embrace them and show them off. >>host: extrude by covering up or --
3:14 pm
>>guest: what i love so much t we've been gettin such amazing ratings. --what i love so much is we have been getting such amazing ratings. we call it the skinny jeans but i think that is (...) i think i want to call it the slimming jean, because i think that everyone fears a skinny jeans. there is elastic and and they are so comfortable.they're not the traditional skinny jeans but they will give you a slimmer and still allowing you to be comfortable and not feel like a stuffed sausage. [laughter] >>host: petite average and tall
3:15 pm
length. check[check with your net reps for sizes] >>guest: see how they look so in the behind on models. we lifted the pockets of higher so it gives an illusion of a tighter with no surgery carries you will save a lot of money and pain without it. luxe.3 have the signature first of all is that a holiday price $49.90? when they were $20 more they were good deal so $20 off is a fantastic deal. >>host: if you love the way it fits by a
3:16 pm
diffe anot another caller. --. -- buy >>guest: that was very important to me to make sure that what ever looked great on my size 2 girls look good on the plus size models. there were so many things i threw out in the early stages that i loved but i threw them out because i did not like they look on the plus size girls. i wanted to make it looks good and all the girls all the way to 3x. gorgeous in these jeans. see the stretch? for under $50 for jeans you know you will walk into a department store and they will be four or five times 6 as expensive. it is
3:17 pm
crazy how much jeans are these days! there $250-$300 and that makes no sense to me! -- they are >>guest: i work with this wonderful manufacturer works out new york and does my entire line here. one of my designers is the sister of tommy hilfiger. our denim line and we canthe prices so low and turn out such a high end product. >>host: retail comparison is $99 and that is modest. $20 off today while they last. not only
3:18 pm
do they screen every time we put them on the air but they are a customer picking you are welcome to read the reviews. on great scarlet red, indigo blue or black.item zero 99-661. $24.95 brings your size home to you. we are very busy. --items can go to or use express automated ordering or just click on buy now on >>guest: you will wear these jeans all the time and just like the lace blouse they will never leave your and you will wear them year after year. there is nothing trendy about the mud very fresh about them. --but very crashed about them. you can see i am wearing a version. --
3:19 pm
freshst: people ask me all the time what my jeans are and what i tell them the price they completely flipped out! >>host: this is here now and we had to illinois with karen who fell in love with the lace top that started the show. welcome to hsn and the giuliana. >>caller: hi giuliana. i was channel surfing and solve a sapphire blue lace blouse and it is gorgeous. >>caller: thank for making it a bigger size3 >>guest: where illinois do you live? >>caller: right outside of chicago. >>guest: oh husband
3:20 pm
is right outside chicago. >>caller:annot wait to get the blouse. >>guest: you are going to love it and try to tweet or facebook me a picture of you wearing a blouse. >>caller: i will. >>guest: thank you. by >>host: byep.m.? >>guest: husband got a few different shows running. tuesday night is our reality show at 8:00 p.m. on the style network. and tomorrow night we are at hsn behind-the-scenes. and then fashion police's friday night's and very3 exciting liana rhymes exclusive interview is 9:00 p.m. on this friday on each saturday.
3:21 pm
>>host: we continue sharing with the blazer that giuliana is wearing and she wore that in an interview with glee in rhymes. 604 and only $34.98 is what it takes to bring it home. >>guest: everybody loves that is a little shorter in the back so you can show your. [laughter] it is more about fitted clothes and especially for my plus size ladies. with a tank top
3:22 pm
easy to put on and just throwing arm with a tank top. >>host: less than 200 available on it is imperative that you make the call now. precise. item 209- 604. *179 >>guest: like i said i know i keep reading of the holiday party but some of us have worked. -- 177 9 >>guest: you do not always want to wear a dress and you may not have any that are appropriate for a holiday partywith a pencil skirt or trousers and there's so many ways to wear this blauser. i like wearing it with jeans. -- lazar blazer =
3:23 pm
laserblazer >>host: handwash and no special care. does not too much on the hanger it comes to life it is phenomenal. >>guest: i get so many compliments on this. i have never had someone not say to me where did you get that oh we say it is g by giuliana rancic -- blazer >>guest: is why i love hsn because i can make high- quality clothing at such an amazing price and that is why it excites me when i see these prices. it is an amazing price for such a beautiful
3:24 pm
blazer. >>host: $30 off but we have lost a few sizes. xs and small is gone and they're all going to go. large-3x. if you like the whole look on giuliana you can just pick up the skinny jeans that are on the bottom of the screen there. >>guest: i have the ones with the zippers or youc13 do it just plain. >>host: is a really lightweight jacket also. is that matt rose sequins and easy to wear. >>guest: and so well done and like i said my father played a really big role on everything. screamed quality when people receive an home they will love it so much and
3:25 pm
want to wear it. >>host: less than 100 available and it is a great buy on the jacket. >>guest: please once again i would love to see you girls wearing this in a picture so tweet me so the world and see how fabulous you look. look how fabulous it6 c13 the plus size girls. >>host: i love the way you did the angled front. it is still to come and we will let you know when it sells out officially. the beautifully embellished neckline blouse in three colors emerald green or bright purple.on 42 flex payments $34.95 item 209-389. --and onto flex payments. -- and on 2 flex
3:26 pm
payments. >>guest: we sell these all over new york's fashion week and i did my and is comfortable and has a great elastic waist. quality and every time i wear this maxiskirt all the girls stop and ask me. --fully lined >>host: keep your testimonial calls coming and we are going to check in with a guy and the next hsn spotlight. [♪music♪] >>host: hi everyone 9 guy yovan and wacom into the hsn spotlight. opportunity go to for the new arrivals. you can see the latest c13 products before they get on tv.visit
3:27 pm for the web only exclusives also. that is it the hsn spotlight and now back to great shopping here at hsn. [commercial]
3:28 pm
[reading] [♪music♪] >>host: i know who that face3 was? >>guest: lynn
3:29 pm
mentioned earlier that i am wearing this blazer -- i mentioned earlier that i am wearing this blazer in an interview with lee and rhymes and i said it was saturday night and in this friday night. >>caller: leen -- leann t rimes >>host: emerald green, bright purple or black. most limited. easy to care and handwash and dry flat. >>guest: i am so proud of ploughs a kimmel so incredible. i wore a
3:30 pm
gorgeous high and silk dress several years to one might red carpet award showseyes and untouched this shirt is the same quality.that was way too expensive for words and this is $70 and such a gorgeous blouse. it looks sond expensive and it is so well made. i love the bill in jewelry. >>host: and look of the details on the shoulders.they bring the shoulders in. >>guest: that is right. thank you for noticing that.29 1/2 inches in length and xs-. it looks like it to be dry cleaned but you do not have to worry about that task or expensed. item 209- 389. and hello to carol in
3:31 pm
pennsylvania who is having fun shoppingshopping your line. -- >>caller: giuliana i just love you. >>guest: taft i love you too. >>caller: i love your show in your clothing you have designed is gorgeous. to you were meeting with peres tried to figure out what you are going to do and you did a really good job. >>guest: thank and i really appreciated. >>caller: i am really happy for your life. >>host: >>guest: i watched your program and when you got on happy i was unhappy. >>guest: i am glad to see my health is great and i went to breast cancer and many years of trying to have a baby and now we have the and health is
3:32 pm
great and it just shows we keep your faith and stay positive and anything can happen and now i am hearing hsn having fun. it always shows that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. >>host: you are really an inspiration and we are really happy for your success. thank you for your call, we appreciate it. >>guest: thank >>host: we learned life's lessons and i am a big believer that we all learnedwe appreciate your support and the g by giuliana rancic line here at hsn. left and that this is for the year for the line. is the beautiful brand new edition. >>guest: yes it is the first time we are showing it with the embellished neckline and i am a big fan of 2
3:33 pm
1s. and how can i incorporate jewelry? into a jewelry into a even the detail at the shoulder, i think a lot of people always emphasize the waist and where can i bring it in? it is amazing when you add a little bit of detail to the shoulder the way we did, we did this very specific silhouette gives you such a broad and3 shoulder and like a strong shoulder. >>host: is almost like an incorporated a shrug into the design of is not pretty detail. it has to be an architectural feat to accomplish something like this. it would have been easier to do just the front but i care about the back also when you
3:34 pm
were walking into a restaurant and heads turned want to see your back also. why i brought the detail around to the back. a beautiful top and the colors are absolutely gorgeous and so get this and be so pleased with it and you will wear the first time gets so many compliments. it will brighten up your face and it has this gorgeous sheen to it. every time i wear it i think my complexion is brighter. >>host: topside never seen anything like it. the one-of- a-kind pieces and that is with this is. 209-389.less than a thousand go around. easyhe full details built right into the neckline. $34.95 this all
3:35 pm
takes to get it home and extended return policy until the end of january. still to come the five-star customer pick leggings. with the tuxedo stripe.211- 226nd $19.97 is all it takes to get home. skirt i am wearing and it is brand new. and they are functioning zippers. we have been in black and i am wearing% sapphire and the scarlet red. so flattering and $10 off item 209-615.
3:36 pm
my jacket is also coming up and giuliana's jeans are awesome. >>guest: are not they fun? have a little edge to them but they are still conservative enough to wear them anywhere. love zippers as you can tell. i love zipper details for jeans or skirts even your pencil skirt. [laughter] what could i do that is fun and different and where can i put a zipper? i never saw this done and thought it was a very unique little detail. >>host: the jeans that giuliana is wearing are available at 209-629 m we have for gorgeous colors that we will get to later. -- this pleated
3:37 pm
skirt in a stunning and in love the way you created it. 6 c13 is the softest and latest surest and fully lined . -- lightest ansd sheerest (...) >>guest: was so excited about designing a maxi skirt and this is the first we are showing here on hsn. there so many ways to wear it. you compare it casually or to and you can tuck the shirts in or out or where it with my follow rabbit jacket. --ux >>host: i do not know if we have any more available. >>guest:remodeling on all the shapes and sizes the
3:38 pm
girls and i thought will this be a tricky one on the plus size girls but it is not. plus size girls tried to wear something smaller on top and then you have these great curves and you look gorgeous. >>host: what about if you were a tank top and like a little jacket? >>guest: as you can see it looks gorgeous with little rabbit jacket or the blouse in. once again it transitions seamlessly to the spring to summer. >>host: it is easy to get or off and it is handwash and my flat to dry. how about the bright emerald green? and the purple (...) i
3:39 pm
love this 4 holiday look. >>guest: you will not find a better quality maxi skirt anywhere because i have looked and done my research.this is fantastic quality and you will be so pleased with it.the waist band the first one was thinner but i went thicker because of holiday time we need all the help we can get. it does you a lot of favors the holidays. >>host: jan frontfrom alabama has been so patient on lines. >>guest: hello giuliana i watch all your programs and i wanted to make a comment about a larger ladies. >>guest: i think
3:40 pm
like you said adding the fabric like he said >>caller: like he said adding fabricmakes you look bigger. i am large but i loved it. >>guest: good for you that this attitude i love it and a lot of men do oo. i agree with you a lot of women think because they are larger i am going to get a longer blazer and cover this up. all that does is and volume instead something like this i think you order the seagram blazer? >>caller: yes and i have a question. -- >>caller: are the easy to take care of? >>guest: right now i am wearing thempushed themup i can
3:41 pm
push them off and not fold them. i made it a little snog so you can push it up for a fashionable look. >>caller: right i think it will be great for a holiday party. >>guest: yes. >>host: thank you for joining us we appreciate it.less than 100 of the blazers and if you love it will get the info for you. we have lost some of the sizes and that is what happens when it is the last show of the year. it is december 4th? >>guest: december 3rd. >>host: i do not know how you are so wide awake and you took the redeye here? >>guest: i have to take it to go back to because bill has to work tomorrow and i have to be with my baby. not and a maxi skirt id is a
3:42 pm
great piece to be in your wardrobe. -- a maxi skirt, it is a great piece to be in your wardrobe. it is definitely a conversation piece and some will say that is so cute, saw in a magazine or an actress and model was wearing can wear with heels or boots etc.. >>host: 41 in. in the length and divits seems long you can always roll over the waist band. -- >>guest: i want to put one on so bad. maybe in the next hour. [laughter] >>host: item 215- 758. hello to barbara in arkansas. >>caller: hi.
3:43 pm
>>guest: hi. >>caller: i watch your show all the time but i just love that jackie you have gone. >>guest: thank i do also. are you trying to get it from me? [laughter] >>caller: i got one and i got the jeans with the supers. >>guest: you are going to love it barber. >>host: is your first time purchasing from giuliana? >>caller: we you will be well pleased and we look forward to hearing back from you. >>guest: i love to hear the >>host: in this fit function, quality in this line.item 215- 758. giuliana's
3:44 pm
skinny jeans are listed at the bottom of the screen. they are still to come but you can pre order. >>guest: there is a lot of people on hold. i will be answering the phones soon. [laughter] there is a lot of quality here and the prices are great but the quality is tremendous and i am so happy and it is thank youto all the people that have rated the clothing and given its such amazing ratings and that means the world to me. >>host: 6 c13 blazer i am wearing is still to come and look at the of the buttons all the way down. a black leopard i believe? >>guest: yes and we do not have many of those. >>host: $99.90 and get it while you can, that is my warning to you. >>guest: it is ponte
3:45 pm
knit so it has great stretch. >>host: another five stars perfect customer pick on the ponte leggings with the tuxedo stripe. these look like a million dollars. item the reviews on much more still to and chef todd english will be here tomorrow throughout the day in the kitchen. i would join him tomorrow. if you are looking for holiday gift ideas or maybe you cookware here is more. [commercial]
3:46 pm
[reading] [♪music♪] >>host: we are having the best time. >>guest: we are having fun are we not? >>host: i have been a fan of the line since he launched it back in september. this is the last this that of the year and the last show. i am getting this blazer and the skirt. >>guest: remember earlier i must tell you how my father the first
3:47 pm
round of this laser it was pretty simple inside and my dad said no, no you need high-quality stitching and look to the craftsmanship here. this is so incredibly well done and so much craftsmanship. all these details you see here, what that does is make you look fabulous on the outside and in hugs you on the right places. >>guest: >>host: you did a beautiful job seriously at this price you would not even expect little the satin trimming and piping and all that. the construction of this jacket is what makes it fit like a glove. your dad custom tailored suits for people in italy. >>guest: black
3:48 pm
plane buttons and my dad said no to your signature buttons. -- plain >>guest: it is so luxe and rich and i want people to look at it and say how much was that? it is so well made and it has ponte so it has a little bit of stretch to win and it is comfortable and well fitted. >>host: it is so comfortable and black and cobalt blue are getting limited. your best bet will be surprisingly the black leopard use a goes first. handwash and dry flat. i am wearing it in xs and i like it fitted nice and short as possible. 27 in. in length and
3:49 pm
functional pockets and it is as beautiful on the inside as the outside. >>guest: i wear blazers awent through my closet and i pitched three-four out of my favorite blazers over the better classic black blazers and i said what to love about this? i looked at the seams and buttons and collar and i was to take from blazers and make the perfect laser. what i love also on the plus size6 c13 look of gorgeous it looks. plus size girls is sometimes hard to find a great blazer because it may be great around the waist but tight in the shoulders or arms but this stretch of wolfy so beautifully and bring in your waist. i cannot stress enough how fantastic is. 6 c13
3:50 pm
>>guest: i wanted something that was so on trends but classic and you can pull it out of your closet for years to come. >>host: fewer than 200 to go around and i do not want you to miss a is another open frontzer coming out that cascades down front. >>guest: a veryol and unique blazer. >>host: that also off and it is in cobalt blue or black. item 209-393.
3:51 pm
>>guest: $30, i talked to some people you know? [laughter] >>host: the faux fur bomber jacket is awesome with free shipping and handling and 3 flex payments of $43.30 for the holidays. item 209-675 is the item number. there is a faux-wrap rabbit jacket also.3 >>guest: less than 100 available it is really hard to become a customer picks but almost impossible to be a perfect five stars and you are one with this one now.these are incredibly flattering on the body. >>host: >>guest: you will never want to buy another legging
3:52 pm
again. just because i think leggings a so difficult to buy and sometimes they are flimsy. nothing is worse than wearing a lagging and then someone says you know that you can see your panties when you bend over right? very fit and substantial on knees. someone said they feel like a writing cannot -- fing pant >>guest: they're not flimsy like some leggings. >>host: you can pull on the fabric and there is nothing you can see through it when you bend and it does not bag or sag at the knees
3:53 pm
and is like a beefier >>guest: these are leggings that can be worn casual. leggings but you can dress them up because they're such good. you can wear them with the sequin blazer i have on or any other blazer or to a holiday party or to the office. they really do double as a pant. if you are not in the mood toward trousers or jeans this is a good alternative and comfortable yet substantial and use still have that high end quality. >>host: 70 polyester and ramie
3:54 pm
and spandex. >>guest: the gray is great be coups you can see the tug cedar stripe even more and a really fine detail. i was on my way here yesterday and someone said can you grab one of your gray tuxedoe for me? -- i said oh yes i will walk into the hsn factory and just deal 14 yosteal you!er]because it is very slimming and it will suck you in any will not see anything and it flattens you out and trust me a lot of women love that.
3:55 pm
>>host: we have about a hundred people on the- phones and i would suggest jump to the computer at or dial the toll-free number and push in the informationand you can use express ordering you have ordered before. less than 700 to go round the this point and you are all over these leggings and you will live in them. >>guest: you will and i were them last night on the flight here. it was a red dye and i needed to sleep and i did not want to wear sweat pants and flip flops and the airport so i wore these and they were comfortable throughout the whole flight. and i knew i could dress them up if i had to go to a meeting later. there is a reason why they are a five-star rating. so many
3:56 pm
people bought these last time i wasre and i absolutely love them and i knew they would.+ and where the heck out of mind. -- wear >>host: we are going to say hello to drusy in california who has been shopping like crazy. -- josie >>caller: hello giuliana. >>guest: hello hello you doing? >>caller: i am doing well. i was looking to the channels and saw you on and i love your collection. -- flipping through the channels (...) i ordered the blouse with the embellished neckline in emeril. >>guest: >>host: this one! >>guest: you are going to love that one. >>caller: i heard you say if you are+ a brunette and i am that emerald a
3:57 pm
good color so i thought if i am going to take fashion advice from anyone it was going to be giuliana. >>guest: are you on twitter? you have to tweet i am. do not want to wear a dress because i may be cold so i saw that shirt and thought it would be perfect and i can wear to work. i work at a university and i can wear it for the holidays.- like silky it looks and i like that it is trendy but still looks like a classic piece that i can wear a year after year. >>guest: good i love that you like it and please tweet me. >>host: 11 to winona in arizona. -- hello >>caller: hello the ears ladies. >>guest: what kind of dog to have i hear it barking? >>caller: i have to
3:58 pm
love them a yorkie and should(...) they are like my little boys. >>guest: they are her babies. i loved it. >>host: what have you picked up so far today? >>caller: nothing yet i am trying to decide whether jeans were the leggings? what i call about was the bomber jacket. i bought it and i love that jacket! >>host: you already have it? >>caller: i ordered it on its premiere. >>guest: excellent i am glad to love fit. thank you. i have >>caller: i have fit and i have worn it. >>host: which to tell someone3 >>caller: at first of all it feels real and the lining is wonderful sleeves -- 3
3:59 pm
and the binding on the sleeves and a jacket bottom does not stretch. i can push the sleeves up and they will stay up and when i pull them back down the binding i do not know if you should do the jeans or the leggings? maybe to the leggings if you cannot have one that you absolutely because you will love this one. >>host: that is the second time i have done that! for the ladies do not hang up because it will be selling out. >>guest: it is called the holiday hold it right? i do my research. [laughter] >>host: have you been watching hsn for a long time? >>caller: before >>guest: gas a long time before i came
4:00 pm
here. -- yes >>host: we love having you here giuliana. we also have a v-neck lace stressed that is truly beautiful and holiday priced. what is perfect double holiday dress than that? >>guest: you have the lace which is kind of and very sophisticated and womanly. it mixes all those things together and it is beautiful. wait until you feel the lace. >>host: item 209-672 and $10 off for the holiday price. are into the final hour with the amazing giuliana rancic and she is the co-hostexcesswith ryan's the crest. cst. --
4:01 pm
news >>guest: i have been doing e news for 11 years. 6 c17 c16 c13
4:02 pm
>>host: i am wearing black obviously.check out the cobalt blue. and then the scarlet red. only did you add a great
4:03 pm
zippers but they are done a little to the site. >>guest: of course. >>host: there is a reason. >>guest: iif we went straight down it would not be a slimming. and also you cannot miss them. we had them down the sides at first on one of the samples, it did not look right. so this is so gorgeous especially if you have an office job and are so sick wearing the same black suit day after day. mix it up.get these on.these are so fantastic for work. it has such a great fit. it looks fantastic on all my girl whether you are size 2 missy 2 or 3x. >>host: so soft, the fabric is stretchy and comfortable. it is a blend of polyester, rayon 5% spandex, 25 in. in length. order true
4:04 pm
to size, 2-24 women's. >>guest: it is true to size. and like i said with all my clothes we tried it on all body types. it had to make sure every piece work on all body types whether you are3 x the does not matter. a lot of women i cannot wear a pencil skirt, the right fabric and once again we have a great ponte-knit. with a great stretch. also where the seams are located, it is all very strategic. it gives you such a great silhouette. >>host: let us show you that because it is like a little bit of a drop seam. even if you have what you consider a bit of a pooch this will completely conceal it. >>guest: brings
4:05 pm
the eye to the center. i have won a lot about that, for my house been on dates, there is nothing that excites my husband more for lack of a better wordthen the pencil skirt. -- husband. really women i cannot even tell you, even though you think pencil skirts are so great they give you a great shape i can wear them from work to nighttime. men go crazy over this look. >>host: to think you are right. >>guest: even as a woman looking at another woman i think it is one of the most gorgeous looks. >>host: and i think it is a key item for each of us to have been a wardrobe. >>guest: a lot of women do not have a great pencil skirt, one that is their go
4:06 pm
to. this has become my go to pencil skirt. i wear it all the time. the greatest thing is sometimes i will wear to work with pumps or after work black and high boots and look cool. there are so many ways to wear it. i do not think we are experimenting enough with those ways. >>host: i think out of all the skirts i have i have more pencil skirts. i love the way they fit, look and feel. >>guest: how great it looks on you. i love the zipper detail. >>host: they are functional. >>guest: and they are a conversation piece. people say are those zippers?vlove that. that is what i wanted to accomplish. i did not want pieceslocal boutique and fun and similar pieces. i want my pieces to be unique, functional. --fi
4:07 pm
+ and the price to be reasonable atder $50 you cannot go wrong. >>host: somebody stopped me on my way to the studio, she said how much is it? i said $49.90 she said i am getting all three. >>host: phenomenal 25 in.,hand wash, dry flat. i am wearing tunic tank top underneath my ponte oyster. >>guest: so am i.. laserlaser --blaser sapphire. >>host: buy more fashion and jewelry and save! pay full price regular shipping & handling on your first jewelry or fashion item, and receive 50% off regular shipping & handling on every additional fashion or jewelry item you buy today. and done flexpay is $20 to get that home. we have another brand new tuxedo v-neck blouse coming up. >>guest: beautiful fabric! >>host: that terracotta color.
4:08 pm
several girls have been wearing this already. black and ivory also available. 2 flex available. 200-874. that coming up. last call on another item you are about to see the faux rabbit fur jacket. >>guest: i should have brought it but it is like 80 degrees here. >>host: here it is. >>guest: it is cool with a purple inside. i went back and forth colors so i wanted to do something fun instead of black. how does that feel? >>host: one of our caller said your first look so real.and feel real. --furs >>guest: obviously faux fur is socially responsible but the price, you cannot deny.$149.90. >>host: $37.48, free shipping. beautifully lined, last 60 available.
4:09 pm
20 eyeglass 676, 6 the remaining. >>guest: this is such a great fashion piece but you stay warm. --209-676 great holiday dress,what coat and my going to wear over it? this is such a great jacket that you can wear to a holiday party, to dinner with friends that you have a cool fashion piece on top. your coat should not be boring. >>host: phenomenal choice. this one is coming up as well. we even have fantastic vest coming your way in the final hour3 giuliana for the are at the right place at the right time. as we move into the next garment the long sleeve cowl-neck top, 209-370. getting it home for $16.63. we are going to go to the colors and you will see how the girls can use this as a first
4:10 pm
layer of that layered look. with a hot pink,re blue, gray this is a wonderful almost snake print. >>guest: black-and- white which is so versatile goes with anything. his is such a great top in with the cowl neck you know instead of a v-neck i did the cowl neck. it is a little touch more elegance i guess if you will. more formal and dressy. not gorgeous? >>host: i like the fabric soft and stretchy and cool to the touch. 9% spandex. >>guest: quite a bit of will be so comfortable and look fashionable. just fashionable with no comfort. >>host: i am so over that. ia to
4:11 pm
say hello to are on hsn. >>guest: >>caller: how are you? great. >>caller: i want to congratulate you on your son. >>guest: thank you. >>caller: i watch your show like everybody else.i am surprised everybody is not watching it. but i also wanted to set that i got a couple of your clothing items, the skirt and your bomber jacket. i cannot thank you enough for outstanding jackets. stunning. lele.well made. it is the lining of the fur. people keep commenting on it it is unbelievable. >>guest: 6 c13 glad you point out the fur. i have got
4:12 pm
to tell you, once again i talked about j, they are known for their faux fur. they are known for their incredible faux fur. it is the most high end. i am so happy you said that. it is one thing to look at it on tv but until you get home my gosh. this is unbelievable. >>host: this is what we are talking about with terry and the bomber jacket thank you for your comments. >>guest: ry. >>host: vneck one last look. the jacket, the cascading jacket is coming up next. >>guest: how great is this color? pewter. you probably do not have this color is a simple blouse in your wardrobe. and i love it. it is fashionable, you can
4:13 pm
tuck it it or leave it out like a model. you could push up the sleeves. it is such reversible top. at $49.90 it is such a great valulue. >>host: --such a versatile top. it gives you that extra, it roomy. tucking it in, there is no extra bulk. i cannot wait for you to feel the fabric. >>guest: there is some new ways to wear it. you could make it cool6 c13 the zipper jeans. make it more classic with a pencil skirt and where to work. tucked out with leggings. once again you will reach for this. this is one of those tops that in the morning you are trying to figure out what to wear. you will
4:14 pm
this top time and time again. >>host: how do you organize your closet? >>guest: tops jeans, pants and then by color. are you one of those? >>host: i am. but it makes it so much easier when you go to your closet. what >>guest: what is your sign? >>host: what is yours? >>guest:3 >>host: crazy! [laughter] so many of you chatting with us. you are welcome to be a part of it. so many great comments coming through. if you are flipping through like we are on this monday giuliana rancic lightyea for the last tim we have several other items still to come. if your liking my outfit is available in most of which were in last6 c13
4:15 pm
same with giuliana's. the blazer it might be gone. >>guest: i will be wearing this. >>host: sunday night, 8:00 p.m.. >>guest: you are good. my exclusive interview with leann . it would be such an odd thing if i wore things and did not wear them.i wear this stuff all the time especially on the reality show. think this, the rabbit jacket was on last week's episode. i was wearing it in chicago walking down the street.i wear the clothes all the time because i love them! i think that shows. i am so passionate about what i3 >>host: we should point out on wednesday night on the (...) seven central there is a behind-the- scenes moment with giuliana and bill. >>guest: at hsn. c13 camera's came with us for my first
4:16 pm debut. and it was nerve wracking. so they called it all behind the scenes as i was coming out for the first time. it was pretty crazy. is tomorrow night on style. >>host: part of it. i was here i saw it all happened. >>guest: maybe you will be part of the cut. >>host: you would not lend me your curling iron. >>guest: just kidding. >>host: the gene's you saw on julienne are coming up, >>guest: are they not cute and the zippers are functioning. -- jeans ide all sorts of things in there. >>host: 209-629. the jacket.$20 savings. this jacket. this is the one that looks so great. >>guest: i love it. >>host: i am confusing you all.
4:17 pm
the bomber. est: i just got the cutest tweet. she sent me this she was wearing it and loved it. standing by her christmas tree. she said early christmas gift for me. we need christmas gifts for ourselves. she got this for herself and that was really sweet, i am glad you are loving it. >>host: only way you will feel real this fur is is to get it home. remember,if your purchase is a gift hsn's return policy is now extended until january 31st, 2013! this applies until december 20, 2012. >>guest: can i tell you, the great thing about jackets because you could go up in size or down. you do not need to be so specific. they make a great gift. nowadays i know with mother in law she has a lot of grand kids in college and she is like what do i get them? what is in fashion right now? this is something that makes a terrific gift. >>host: how the sweater
4:18 pm
cardigan? it is holiday priced right now which is a $30 savings. $29.97 brings it home. 200-833. we have nude french roast which i love. >>guest: it is a darker brown. >>host: i love the name. >>guest: it is a removable collar. twofer 1. it is irreversible. i get so many compliments on that what i wear it. --it is so versatile. >>host: i just came home from minneapolis, it was freezing that would be the perfect coat. now,the open-front blazer.209-893. so pretty. open-front is nice. again, notice how you have a gold the two front like corners if you will. --angled
4:19 pm
>>guest: i wanted to have a little bit more fun, and i did do the classic lasered that you are wearing. but this is a blazer that is not your traditional. this has a bit of a more fashion element to it. yet it is still conservative enough to wear to the office yet can absolutely where this out at night for a fun night out. >>host: the black. with the ponte leggings, with the stripa tuxedo look. >>guest: i love that. you see a lot of actresses who the menswear-like and it is so chic. are beautiful and we have a few that are great for holiday parties. once again the great alternative is the tuxedo look. there is nothing more chic than a woman who
4:20 pm
walks in with a cold l blazer like great heels and your hair back in a ponytail. hello! movie star! can you imagine with a red lip people say wow that girl has such a great sense of fashion. now i know what i wearing to the e party. >>host: black it looks like it is a couple hundred dollars jacket. >>guest: great quality. feel any high-end designer jacket it is so beautiful. once again you know what i love? it is not fussy. there are no buttonsc13 throw it on it has a cool effortless look. is such a cool look is the thing you put on and people say that is such a cool blazer
4:21 pm
where did you get back? you could also build it.belt clip. and go to the office. there is a l of ways to wear it. >>host: it lays as it is. you could scrunch chubbie sleeves. sleeves. recommend getting the black personally if you want a dressy holiday look without going to over the top. >>guest: the blue is so beautiful.i am torn. yes of course i love black but if you already have a black blazervyou love you have to go for the blue. it will turn heads, pop vibrant. look how gorgeous the blue is. honestly i have never seen anything like it in a store. if you are trying to decide between two and you feel like i already have black in my closet
4:22 pm
i would go for the blue. once it will look great for this holiday but you could wear this in the spring and summer.h jeans, how cool? >>host: year-round dressings, hand wash, dry flat. a little bit shorter on the backside. 23 in.. we are going to north to say hello to nancy. welcome to hsn you are on with callie and giuliana. >>caller: hello. i love julienne the high what you all the time on fashion police and the news. --giuliana. i watch you all the time. i have the jacket giuliana has on and i think that is my holiday jacket tiful. the suit you are wearing callie i got the pencil skirt and jacket. so i am all set for holiday. i figure i could dress it up with red or green underneath. >>host: absolutely.
4:23 pm
you could wear them separately or together. >>guest: i have so many ideas to wear them separately. wonderful. i am a little bit so i kind of scared by your leggings. -- skip by the leggings. i am 72 so i picked it3 >>guest: you are going to look fantastic nancy. >>caller: --pick choose >>guest: know 1 i want to hear your feedback. thank you fancy. --let us know on. i was looking at the customer feedback on and i think this was 5 stars. people were saying they love it and that makes me so know i am not too cool to say that i read all the feedback because that is important to me. i want to know what people love and not. what can i change for the next time. what can i do
4:24 pm
better?i am always tried to turn out the best product possible. >>host: it is a great thing that you care so much.and your roots are fashion. not just here. coming from being a little girl watching your dad and his business. i am sure you learned a lot. as kids we absorb all the information. >>guest: 3 in a very fashion- centric household. but if you noticed my style through the years on twork. i do not over accessorise. i try to pick pieces that are just great timeless classics that you wear over and over. i have had people say to me producers from the reality show who say you wore that blaze are a couple leat the set to go and is that ok? of course. so many people do not want
4:25 pm
to wear the same thing over again because it6 c13 trendy.s are so you know classic they work every year that you can wear them over and over. >>host: they are not trendy so they never go out of date. that the way to invest, timelessness. thank you for your orders. when this became a customer pick it was $30 more than right have a chance. i know we are still busy but with all calls that i see maybe 600 between the black and blue. again all sizes, xs-3x.209- 398 isn't lace blouse cancami. --is the lace blouse it is a customer pick. we have black, emerald, sapphire. it comes with the beautiful cami underneath thereso there is nothing else you need to.
4:26 pm
sock, stretchy easy to care for.209- 398. a brand new pleated maxi skirt. i think this is something that is so near and dear juliana's heart. -- giuliana purple black. the pleating is so tiny which is what i think giving you the most elongating look. >>guest: this is the first time we are showing ithsn. it sold very on now we areit live on tv. i will tell you it looks gorgeous on tv but when you get it in person,you are going to see this quality is phenomenal. >>host: really beautiful. 215-758. we have much more to come with giuliana rancic. about 30 minutes left for the year so do not move a muscle. now we are checking with our next hsn spotlight.6 c13
4:27 pm
[♪ music ♪] >>host: brett chuckerman in the hsn spotlight. did you know 2 out you can joined the family of dependable and affordable kitchen where right now, with free shipping on nordic ware bake- ware. get the product you want deliver the way you want completely free dependable and affordable kitchen and cookware right now for a nordic ware on [commercial]
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[commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: so much fun,
4:29 pm
thank you for being here. >>guest: you. >>host: i know you took the red eye for the final few hours. >>guest: u know i wanted to enjoy my sunday with my baby so i am headed back after this. but this has been so worth it. >>host: we are both wearing the tank from the collection. 209-678.$19.95 on flexpay. >>guest: you have to get this tank you have to get this tank! it is6 c13 and i wear it a lot of the time. i want to act like a crazy person and tell you all about it. it is the greatest tank. all my friends have it. they have like every color. and they did not even get it for free. because i do not get that much stuff for free. i did get them a little bit of a discount but anyway. this is the greatest
4:30 pm
tank. you will where the heck out of it. >>host: i have talked it into my pencil skirt, there is no bulk. >>guest: and i3 my hanging out. it looks great. -- tuckedit in it is not like one of those tank tops that are in too tight. you find them and they are fitted and then when you put them on it is like it is just not right. >>host: you think that is awesome (...) beautiful. >>guest: it is kind of like the width. i did not want to make it to skid your casual. and it is $39.90.we have scarlet red hot pink, black. or how about the emerald? >>host: this is one you should get them all. for $20, put down flexpay you
4:31 pm
will love the length, 27 in.. it is turion spandex blend. so it is soft and stretchy. a raid on a spandex blend. -- rayon >>guest: i have tank tops that are very straight, and then they ride up, fold over and they were never right. so we did flare at the end. right that kind of casual look is on trend. >>host: like you have it with your sequin blazer, the tank untucked. >>guest: it is the layered look and that is so easy to achieve. i easily tucked in? of course. --tuck itin it is a great fabric which has a nice stretch. so comfortable to wear. these colors will
4:32 pm
work all year long. year after year. >>host: to point where it on its own when it is hot and humid in the summer. under a blazer the ponte blazer. it is just one of those you will wear it and you will live may even sleep in them. >>guest: [laughter]hey are also great gifts. as i said it is always so hard to find a for mom your sister, or your daughter or granddaughter. get them a couple of these.different colors or a few. something they will use time and time again. i hate to call it a basic because really there is basic about it. i have a lot of basic tank set home and never wear them. some the mark to casual. these are fantastic. --some of them are too casual >>host: carolyn you
4:33 pm
are live on hsn. >>caller: welcome hello. where are you calling from in illinois? >>caller: crystal lake. up north. a little bit further north at chicago. >>guest: thank you for calling. >>host: we heard you love the cowl- neck top from earlier. >>caller: absolutely gorgeous. >>host: did you choose a color? >>caller: i aml blonde with a little bit of help. so i got hot pink. >>guest: that will be nice. >>caller: with my bright green eyes. >>guest: you are blessed. >>host: is this your first purchase from g by giuliana rancic? >>caller: it is. i wish i could buy the whole line but i cannot. >>host: it is a good
4:34 pm
starting point you will be back for more do not doubt. >>caller: have a wonderful holiday both of you. >>guest: thanks maxi with it illinois.- >>host: stay online for the tank. >>guest:thank you see you in illinois. >>host: the bright colors sometimes the winter this is all you need. >>guest: i cannot tell you i wear them all the time. they travel very well. never need to iron 1. they travel so well. >>host: because it is rayon. >>guest: 3 morning it is like my go to take top when i go to the gem.ym. and i a coat and i wear the tank underneath. >>host: about to be crazy around here because it is time to talk about the zipper pocket skinny jeans giuliana has been wearing.they are
4:35 pm
incredible. and they are $10 off for the holiday price. this is our final show for the year. the next time you see them they will the $69. m in black, green blue, pewter gray, and bright purple. again, like so much of your money i have never seen anything like it. >>guest: what i love about the jeans? line we got so excellent feedback on our jeans. they are very particular type item for people to love. you either love the jeans or you hate them. and i have been so blessed, people have been bugging the fit of my jeans. i think it is because of the stretch. -- been loving of the fit of my jeans. and at the same time they are so
4:36 pm
comfortable. i know we call them skinny jeans, that is deceptive they are really a slimjean. on. i wear mind all the time. they could not be more comfortable. you see on the models they look fantastic on a different body types. --mine >>host: wonder people already ordered before we even got to the presentation. --200 people already ordered we have 2-24 womens order true to your size. there is an extra bit spandex, 2%,98% cotton average and petite as well.ask about your size. need to be quick. you could go to to order your jeans. or the can
4:37 pm
shop-by-remote. this is one awesome pair of jeans. >>guest: if you are going toe pair, you probably have nothing like a black eye wearing with the zippers. i wanted to do something different. i of love zippers so i went with this. first i had to so i added the extra one. it gives it a little bit of edge, yet they are not so skinny and uncomfortable or rocker like. you want something that you can wear grocery shopping and also out at night and to work. these universal and the most comfortable fit. >>host: with a knee high boot. >>guest: yes do i love the black? absolutely. but if you can get another color as well by all means. i am telling you you are going to love these jeans.
4:38 pm
they have been getting3 excellent feedback. >>host: just to keep you ahead we have a little bit more than 1000 to go. limited at this point. over 200 pairs preorder.209- 629. back to illinois. nancy from illinois welcome. >>caller: hello callie and julienne i am such a big and. --julienne up. i was watching your show the other day- - we wanted to spend time in chicago that is where my husband's family as i love the midwest.the baby is great. he is the cutest. >>caller:6 c13 like you. >>guest: everybody says he looks like bill but i am trying to get him to look
4:39 pm
more like me. >>caller: i am not an expert or anything but i do. either way he will be find thei i love your line, i have got a few things.i get to things for my girlfriend. i am not sure if i will be able to give it away. >>host: thank you fancy. >>caller: are you going to bring back the pontenot get those or the skinny jeans in my size. >>host: they sold out, sorry. >>guest: 13 will. you can go to and it will give you an update when they come in. >>caller: they will? >>guest: yes they will let you know
4:40 pm
when sizes come in.e sold out of a lot of sizes and jackets and jeans. so you will definitely get an alert. >>host: or you can call and ask customer service and they will hook you up. thank you and we will get them back as soon as we can. c13 hsn is live, we are both here live. >>guest: i cannot believe how many people watching and are loving it. i am thrilled. >>host: this being the third show we just launched in september. and the rave reviews the comments, the feedback has been so exciting. thank you for that. the jeans we have a minute and a half. less than 1000 to go. if that sounds like a lot, (...) >>guest: it is 1000 in all colors combined. and they go pretty fast.ast time we were here, i was shocked how
4:41 pm
quickly the jeans went. i think what was happening people were getting them and loving them and then their friends or ordering them and they have been doing well on monday. i am just th we have got such a great product for a great price. -ing so great online for less than $60 is pretty phenomenal. >>host: last call on the black. your best bet is to be on line. on you can look at the color on the body. you can put in a virtual dressing room if you like if you have never shopped on it is a personal experience and again remember,if your purchase is a gift hsn's return policy is now extended until january 31st, 2013! this applies until december 20, 2012. so get them home try themif they sellout in black i would get the gray. i think that is a
4:42 pm
great alternative to black. but if you love color denim and it is so hot right now that you cannot go wrong with either color. >>host: the purple blue. i think the only way to go wrong is not to try them. thought skinny jeans? but now, they are great. >>guest: they are the most comfortable skinny jeans you will ever have. >>host: 209-675,. the faux fur bomber jacket has been all the rage. even though it has not been done yet people said they got it last time. now it is $20 off for the holiday with free shipping. it is softer than soft. i cannot even describe how real this feels. look how real it looks. >>guest: i everybody is saying that. they love to see it on hsn and wanted it.6 c13
4:43 pm
were blown away by the quality. that is the best part is hearing people are loving what they are receiving. it is one thing and i love you are watchingbut when you receive it and you tell me you love it there is no better feeling. >>host: you work hard and we appreciate it.the quality of g by giuliana rancic is superb. enjoy free shipping by the way. 209-675. the leggings we were talking about this. we do have smaller sizes and the altar luxe.ultra luxe black and luggage. they are also $10 off. $24.95 on flexpay. item200- 832. your leggings are so flattering. >>guest: love them. all my friends
4:44 pm
are trying to get me to get them for the holidays. i cannot appease everybody. >>host: the tuxedo v-neck blouse looks great with the leggings or the jeans. i love that extra long length in the back. 29 in. polyester and spandex to hand wash and dry flat. truly gorgeous. i love the gold buttons. terracotta. >>guest: i hope you do not mind, i was getting chilly.and i have got to say this one is a small i believe. so i could do a small but i have also 1 xs. that is the thing, for instance i would the small if i lived so are colder and wanted to wear sweaters underneath. but it is so great and it is funny because i darken my hair recently and i think it looks great i thought it was great when i had
4:45 pm
blonde hair. >>host: it has so many variations. this terracotta, i saw a picture of you about two years ago. gorgeous orange strapplessf you. >>guest: that was the screen actors guild and terracotta it was very similar to this. >>host: i know this is a two-minute special. with just a couple hundred. $15 off. a beautiful it looks, it looks like the most expensivevcotton money can buy. >>guest: how gorgeous is the fabric? $44.90 it is unbelievable for this. it is such a luxe shirt. you could wear it tucked in or not.where it to work,13 entertain friends at your home. this is such a beautiful blouse.
4:46 pm
>>host: take a look as some of the details the way it has been gathered. almost like pintucking. those are special. for this price you would expect it to be a piece of fabric that has been cut into squares or sleeves. >>guest: the workmanship is something that i took great pride in. you know prices like this sometimes people do not put a lot of attention to the workmanship. was not willing to compromise the workmanship for anything. >>host: it means a lot to all of us. that is why so many items from you have gone on to the customer picks. we all love quality and do not want to spend what some of the rich and famous could spend but you do not have to. as we get ready to along with 200-874. sherri from ohio
4:47 pm
calling. a big fan of the skinny jeans. caller: a ladies.hello ladies.i love the baby. when you have him smile last week, my gosh. >>guest: does a little crooked smile. >>caller: the most precious thing. i am so happy for you.i love your clothes, very high-end. i cannot stress enough because i love high end close. on your skinny jeans do you think you need order up a size? >>guest: (...) >>caller: by aof ama true size 10-12. i got twelve but they are pretty fitted. --i am a >>host: i think it depends on how you
4:48 pm
want them to fit. >>guest: that is true. because, these are actually one size up from what i usually wear because i wanted to be comfortable. and then what i want a more fitted look maybe i would have gone down. it depends on your lifestyle and what you will be wearing. if you are kind of mark going out at night, the tight jeans and then i would say true to size. -kind of >>host: again, hope that answers your question. but that is just our recommendation compared yours. 200- 874 is the item number. the jeans item number at the bottom of your screen minutes with juliana we are going to check in with alice in the kitchen with all kinds of tasty treats.
4:49 pm
>>host: we are going to help you celebrate the holidays with the ultimate food experience. is finally back they have brought us something that nobody else has in this configuration. you are getting a 48 pack of the mini cannolis.s shells. 24 of the classic, 24 chocolate dipped. get the magic of the cream and you in your family can fill them freshly in your home. this means each and every one of these is going to be crispy absolutely heavenly. we have them for you and we do expect them sell out. do not miss the presentation. you may even want to
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preorder. then we have something else that will satisfy every sweet tooth may be on the block. this is filled with about 200 different chocolates dear all different flavors. he could even shoes 5 lbs.. you could. if you go up for $5 you get not only one extra pound of chocolate but you get your choice of the decorative tin. we have that available as well as something you are going to love (...)many things coming up, stay tuned for e.a.t. but now coca-cola is coming to hsn. [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: our final 10 minutes with giuliana rancic. >>guest: it is sad, i want to% for hours.serena will kick me out of here. >>host: a couple updates coming your way as we jumped into theonte-knit dress. 209-649.
4:52 pm
obviously there is a design element that you inc. to really bring- of us down. >>guest: -- us >>guest: the black leather paneling on the side gives you such a slimming effect. a lot of big designers of doing this right now. with the it does not make you one size smaller is like two sizes smaller. >>host: like you have melted away pounds. >>guest: especially at holiday time are going out at night because this is something you would wear more out at the evening, but you walk into a pretty dimlylit restaurant they do not even see the black panther link they just see a gorgeous hourglass figure walk in. how lepanel pignopaneling
4:53 pm
>>host: you see the bright red in the center that is how skinny you look. you lose the black on the sides especially at night. who does not want to c13 skinny? >>guest: going to a holiday party or rehearsal dinner somewhere you will be photographed, let me tell you they will be me. you are going to put tiny in the pictures. >>host: and guess who is an expert in this area? giuliana rancic. she works with all the celebrities and be yourself on camera. >>guest: what is great about this is i was inspired a lot of big designers. you know i do fashion police every week onthe designer's but there were huge designers doing slimming effect. so i wanted
4:54 pm
to incorporated into my collection. the feedback has been tremendous. >>host: a nice big zipper on the back easy to get into and out of. the length of39 in.. a blend of polyester, rayon, 5% spandex. >>guest: look how many ways we styled it. with boots, high boots, no bootights. pumps, there is so many ways to wear it. >>host: one more phone call dawn from florida welcome. >>caller: hello. her back hot curio i have got a couple boxes full of fabulous clothes. >>guest: how are you liking everything? >>caller: it is amazing. got the
4:55 pm
sequin blazer, the address you have been showing- bomber jacket. -- dress what i love is the ponte-knit tuxedo pants. i the white collar jacket and i put them together with crystal shoes. i have a holiday party coming up. >>guest: i love that look. the last show we did i said that is such a gorgeous look. the tuxedo pants with the blazer. gorgeous.3 and those shoes sound amazing. >>caller: pretty amazing. >>host: thank you for calling. you have inspired us both. >>caller: thank you. >>host: i know we move on from the dress because we have less than 200. this is the and it
4:56 pm
reversible red carpet vest. >>guest: we have sold so many and so many people are loving it. i tell the story about how my mother in law who is 75 was accosted by her 21 year- granddaughter i need that where did you get it? it goes to show anybody could wear it.and it is reversible literally. 2 in 1. >>guest: thank you for that. >>host: talk about maximizing your budget. >>guest: you could wear it on either size faux fur. i am wearing it with a tank top just because i threw it on.normally i would wear it with a long sleeve thermal. or with a beautiful blouse. a sweater underneath. what it does basically is it hips up any outfit you have. and it is
4:57 pm
such a great statement piece. what is funny is our stylist thought to belt it last time and i thought genius. it looks great. so many ways to wear it. >>host: such little time we do want to say hello to claudia from alaska. >>caller: hello how are you? >>guest: good. >>caller: how is the baby? >>guest: delicious. him all day because i know there will be a time where he will not let me. >>caller: and do it as much as you can. it goes so fast. let me tell you your life is amazing.
4:58 pm
last time you were on hsn i got the blouse same style, different color and today i fell in love with your jeans. >>host: nice to hear and i heard you are a big fan of the zipper skinny jeans. >>caller: love them >>guest: thank you. i love them as well. >>host: we have to say goodbye because we have one minute left. pink. we have had a lot of calls. >>guest: more than ever but that is great. >>host: so many customer picks. this being one of them. i would totally take this to the top in terms of addressing it up. >>guest: obviously it travels so well dressing it up
4:59 pm
hip any outfit. >>host: completely reversible. you can wear it both ways. really $50 per look. >>guest: this got tremendous ratings on line, thank you so much. >>host: it is a fantastic piece. 21.5 in. and again that cardigan style, so easy.have xs- 3x. keep your calls coming. 200-879. one last reminder on the skinny jeans with the zippers. there they are in gray black may be sold out. >>guest: they will become your favorite skinny jeans. tweet want to see what you would like. i have yet to meet somebody who does not love them. they are like, i unconverted and i am

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